Kathleen Derbyshire is a Christian Author and creator of The Bible Gals Community for women. Kathleen loves writing because they reflect what she really has a passion to do – empower women to discover and achieve their purpose with vision.

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Kathleen has been an avid follower of Jesus Christ since 2003. Her calling to empower Christian women to live their purpose with vision came in 2004 when she began diving deep into the Bible to answer the question, “What does it look like to live from the lessons the Bible has to teach?”

She began this journey with a husband and four kids living in Southern Ontario across from Detroit, Michigan. The kids have all since moved out and she now has the pleasure of getting to know her six grandchildren.

Kathleen’s journey with Jesus has been a tumultuous ride. She has been in pits so deep and dark she could not see the Light. She has been on clouds so high she couldn’t see the world. AND she has been everywhere in between.

Kathleen’s passion to empower women comes from her own journey to learn the biblical lessons she can live life to.

The White Picket Fence: Crown for Life Pursues Biblical Boundaries (Crown for Life Series Book 1)

Life is filled with decisions we must make. Are we saying yes when we should be saying no? Why do we find it so difficult to say no when it is warranted? When should we say yes?

Biblical Life Skills teacher Kathleen Derbyshire introduces a new way to illuminate this issue in our lives. then eliminate it. Her masterful use of fictional stories that intertwine with real life lead us through a process of discovery that is unique and encouraging. Her white picket fence analogy for boundaries gives women a visual they won’t soon forget.

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