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Americana Series

Another Chance

The Appalachian Root Series

Boundary Waters Search and Rescue Series

The Brotherhood Of The Scroll

A Chain of Flames:
A Contemporary Christian Novel of Faith, Hope, Redemption and Love

Corners Church:
Where Two Dirt Roads Meet

The Farmers Trilogy

The Guardian Angel Files

The Hobble: From Ai To Bethel

The Hollow Walk

In From The Storm

Israel’s Treasure

It All Started At The Masquerade

Klein Creek Series

Misty Creek

Mountain Mishap

Out Of The Wilderness

Pinkie Promise

The Pearl Of Great Price

Practically Married

Short Stories Series

Shrouds Over Eden:
A Voice For The Broken-Hearted

The Sing Song Child

Stone Thrower

Summer Plans And Other Disasters

The Sword Of The Scroll

Texas Treasure Series

Through The Wilderness

Time Told Tales

The Turning Point Series


Victory To Dystopia Series

The White Picket Fence:
Crown for Life Pursues Biblical Boundaries

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