About CWB

What Is ChristianWritersBookstore?

A great question to ask!

As the name suggests, this website began as an online “Bookstore” to showcase the work of “Christian Writers”.

Are you a writer (author, blogger or podcaster) and you’re looking for a community to belong?

Or a reader looking for something clean to read? This is the place for you.

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Not every book in ChristianWritersBookstore has a biblical or Christ centered focus. Books vary in a wide range of genres from fantasy and adventure to thriller and suspense, fiction and children’s books, biographies, Bible study and devotionals, notebooks and self-help.

Currently all books on ChristianWritersBookstore are in association with Amazon. However, a large number of books are also available in Apple iBooks.

Do I Have To Be A Christian To Support CWB?

No. You don’t have to be a Christian to find well written books and blogs on this website.

Not all of the books have a specific biblical or Christ focus.

However, if you do wish to know more about the Christian faith, this is a great place to be.

About The Books

Before an author’s books are showcased on the website, their books are reviewed and the author is asked about his or her Christian views. This does not mean that every book has a Christ centered theme, but with this Christian standard emphasized, it is trusted that the writers will not post content that would otherwise be inappropriate (however, certain genres, naturally, have a level of maturity to them).

Furthermore, books and blogs have been removed or not posted when they are Bible study style of books, but the Bible is twisted. There are books that emphasize speaking in tongues and personal revelations, which founder, Michael Furlonger, doesn’t believe is required to be a true follower of Christ (John 20:29; 1 Corinthians 12:30).

We are all called to repent of our sins and believe in the perfect life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Author’s Page

Once an author’s books or blogs are approved, they are given an Authors Page where all of there books and blogs are shared.

This page is personally customizable if the person becomes a Gold Member.

About The Blogs

Similar to the books, the blogs are written by Christian writers. Again, this does not mean that they are Christ centered in nature. There are many that are Bible study related, but we also have many about pop-culture and the world around us.

That being said, every blog used to be reviewed and edited by Michael Furlonger. This was before the Membership Program was put in. This was put in for a number of reasons, including inappropriateness and SPAM.

There are three tiers of memberships.

The Silver Membership is a free membership that has many benefits and for bloggers to share. However, each blog will require the previously mentioned review and edit.

The two Gold Memberships, however, do not require the review and edit. However, if it comes up that a post is inappropriate or offensive, or biblically inaccurate, it will be temporarily taken down to discuss with the writer to see if there is a better way to convey the meaning.

About The Memberships

ChristianWritersBookstore was pleased to start the Members Only feature to the website. Along with having a place to share content that will help the authors – content that is not “Bookstore” related- it offers a great place for writers (and readers) to connect.

Whereas social media can easily remove a person and their content based on any and all reasons, being a part of the Members Only forums will help to prevent this. However, there will be a removal of SPAM or inappropriate content.

Memberships will require a WordPress Account. If you do not have a WordPress Account already, it is free to set up an account.

By using this referral code (https://wordpress.com/refer-a-friend/OP9OxqLTXL3ORZWPe8b6/) you will receive a $25 credit if you do choose to pay for a website. Even if you don’t, you are helping with the cost of keeping ChristianWritersBookstore on the web.

You can use this downloadable PDF which was created to help you set up your free account and walk you through some additional feature.

Memberships are also required if you want to share your upcoming Events.

Silver Members

As mentioned, to be a member, you are required to have a WordPress Account.

Once you have signed into ChristianWritersBookstore, you will have access to the Members Only content. You can Sign Up As An Author Or Artist, share a blog in the Bloggers Wanted form, say hello in the forum, and check out the downloadable PDF courses.

You will also receive an email that will share with you your Member page. You will be able to add your own photos and comments here and connect with other members privately.

Gold and Gold Supreme Members

There are two different Gold Memberships: Gold and Gold Supreme. The Gold Membership is a monthly membership that costs $4.99 per month. The Gold Supreme Membership is a $49.99 per year membership (saving you two months payment).

As mentioned, to be a member, you are required to have a WordPress Account. To get the full benefits of the Gold Membership, you will want to get familiar with the WordPress backend.

As a Gold Member, you will be added to ChristianWritersBookstore as an ‘Author’ (not to be confused with a book author). You will have access to edit your Author’s Page, which will include adding photos, share your email address or allow people to join your mailing list, or, if you have a different blogging website, you can set up an RSS link to connect back to your page.

Don’t worry, the downloadable courses walk you through the entire process if you are unfamiliar with this.

Also, as a Gold Member, if you have a YouTube Channel, we will connect it with the active ChristianWritersBookstore channel (https://www.youtube.com/ChristianWritersBookStore)

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