Membership Program

ChristianWritersBookstore membership program uses plugins to operate and will require you to have your own WordPress account. There is no cost to setting up a WordPress account.

If you already have a website or account with WordPress, you can sign up with that same email address. ChristianWritersBookstore will have no access to your account or website information.

If you do not have an account, we have put together a free screen by screen PDF eBook to walk you through the setup process and the benefits of ChristianWritersBookstore membership program.

Be sure to check out the Courses to see what’s available.

Please use the promotional link HERE and in the PDF below to keep CWB costs down.

Level Price  
Silver Membership Free. Select
Gold Membership $4.99 per Month. Select
Gold Membership Supreme $49.99 per Year. Select

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Membership Program
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