Lauren Roskilly is a mom of two beautiful kiddos. She recently completed an BA Honors degree in Health and Social Care and is currently studying for a diploma in Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Lauren Roskilly became a born again Christian in the early 2000’s. She is transparent about her ups and downs with mental health, depression, anxiety, and even self- harm. But God helped her with these and she has learned to refocus from the negative and towards Christ. She practices being mindful of Him (as we all should do), thus the name of her blog–Mindful of Christ.

Christian Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & How To Become Mindful of Christ: A self- help book for individuals and small groups

Do you struggle with unhelpful thoughts, painful feelings and toxic emotions? Are you looking for a way to improve your mental health and strengthen your bond with Christ?

Combining practical CBT approaches with affirming scriptures and prayer this book offers a unique program to help Christians to move towards healing their mental health, whilst keeping the love of the Lord Jesus in mind.

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CbCBT is the first step on a journey of discovery and wellbeing. Following this program could strengthen your mental health and perhaps even your faith.

  • 8 guided sessions – For individuals and small groups
  • Prayer, scripture references, biblical meditation and testimonies – To help keep your faith at the heart of your journey towards happiness
  • An overview of mental health and the different attitudes and approaches towards it.
  • Space for journaling, including helpful suggestions and inspirational prompts

Breaking Chains: Of Beliefs & Behaviours & Be Set Free Into New Life, Peace & Victory

Do you want to live in the fullness and freedom that God has for you?

Perhaps you have physical, emotional and/ or spiritual chains that are preventing you from living this way.

These chains can include, but are not limited to; behaviours, habits, thoughts, beliefs and unbelief, distractions and un- forgiveness.

You will learn how to break these chains through the 4 P’s:

  • Pray
  • Prune (Eliminate Hindrances)
  • Pass (To Jesus & let go)
  • Perception

And the bonus- Praise!

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Each section is backed up by scripture and gives you stories, guidance, actionable steps and teaching.

Also includes tools and techniques of Christian Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBCBT).

All of which can be carried out and used straight away.

‘Breaking Chains’ will help you to live in the freedom, love, joy and peace that God does have for you!

Are you ready?!

Indestructible Faith: Prayers & Prompts For Journalling

This book will help and guide you on your journey with Christ. It will result in a faith and trust in God that is unshakeable and indestructible, therefore living the rest of your life on earth with a new confidence, strength and resilience. You will also discover the experience of peace and joy even through life’s problems, difficulties, stresses and storms.

There are 28 sections, each involves;

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  • Verses from the Holy Bible
  • Explanations for each
  • Questions/ prompts for journaling
  • Prayer in response

By going through all sections, you will;

  1. Learn about the word of God and the Trinity
  2. Be able to journal in a way that encourages personal growth and development
  3. How to pray specifically and intentionally
  4. Overcome barriers and behaviours that may be preventing you from moving forwards
  5. Build up resilience

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