Brandon Foster received a bachelor’s degree in history from Liberty University in the summer of 2021 and now spends his time writing and teaching at a local school. Born in the mid-90s in the beautiful west coast mountains, he grew up in a reformed church where he was homeschooled. Though the ocean and the mountains are some of his favorite places, Brandon eventually moved to the state of Mississippi where he now lives with his smart and beautiful wife, Christina.

Narrow: Preserving Fundamental Beliefs From Progressivism

What do truth, love, and history have in common?

They are all being redefined to fit a worldview that doesn’t actually contain truth, love, or history. And this worldview is facing the 21st-century Church head-on.

Not only is this worldview creating outside pressure, but it is rising up within the Church as well. This belief system that has taken root is trying to reframe the world in its own image. An ever-growing mindset called progressivism is sweeping our nation.

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More and more people are falling for progressivism because it sounds good. Its arms are warm and welcoming, but that warmth is a façade and will leave you with confusion, bitterness, and frustration.

In Narrow, Brandon Foster invites you to walk along a path that winds through topics like what is an ideology, what is truth, and what is love. Each chapter dives into a specific topic and explains:

  • the progressive worldview on that topic
  • the Christian worldview
  • the fundamental flaws of the progressive view theologically, logically, and, when it applies, historically

Come walk the narrow path, and discover the power of truth, love, and history.

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