Growing up Jonathon Wright had the privilege of being a member of many different churches and denominations and have learned a lot from all of them.

Jonathon Wright graduated from Lee University with a BA in Bible and Theology, then went on to receive an MA in Biblical Studies from Beacon University. He has been blogging since 2013.

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“I thoroughly agree with your (ChristianWritersBookstore) doctrinal position of being saved by God’s grace and the importance of being closer to God through repentance.  These basic Christian beliefs go beyond our denominational lines.

A Baby’s Journal: Conception Through The First Year

This journal is designed to help you record and remember key moments in the life of your baby and family. The details about your baby’s pregnancy, birth, growth, and development are priceless. We only live once, and our kids grow up so fast. They do not stay this small and cute for long. I remember like it was yesterday when my kid first ate ice cream and chocolate cake. Yet there are many other things about this first year of my kid’s life I do not remember.

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I hope you will take lots of pictures and put them in this book. If there is extra space in any section, fill it with pictures. Or find some other creative way to make this book your masterpiece.

A Dramatic and Prophetic Short Story: Jesus and His Early Life

Over the years, there have been many sermons and devotions about the birth and early life of our Savior and Lord. But I cannot recall anyone writing a short story about Christ and His Early Years. Many of those great sermons focus on the main characters of the story. So I feel compelled to do so. There is something about a short story that brings joy and excitement to my soul. And the story of Christ is such an interesting and wonderful topic. Our study will take us from Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Egypt, and back to Nazareth. The Lord helped many people in this story through some tough and UNUSUAL times. There will be many miraculous and touching events along the way. Oh, don’t forget there also will be some angelic and divine visitations as well as interesting prophecies discussed.

Everyday Notes For Extraordinary People

Everyday Notes For Extraordinary People is a lined Journal designed to help people like me. I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten to write down things I read in the Bible or heard in a great sermon. When this happens, we forget the precious memories and blessings God has given us.

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I have used journals for sermons and a variety of things in my everyday life. Of course, you are free to use them any way you see fit.

For those who are interested, I have developed a plan to read through the entire Bible in a year and a half. All it takes is 2 chapters a day.

I also put a checklist at the beginning. So you can check each book off when you are finished.

Feel free to read and write your thoughts and feelings about these chapters in the Notes section. If your pastor preaches a great sermon, you can put that in there too!!

It is almost like a sacred scrapbook of memories. There is a lot we can do with a pen and notebook to preserve our memories. The possibilities are endless!!!

Everyday Journal: Reading And Remembering God’s Word

This is a journal developed to help people record key passages and life lessons learned as they read through the Bible. Sometimes I have forgotten things that God has taught me in the Bible. When this happens we lose something very important in our lives.

In Matthew 4:4, Jesus says man shall not live by bread alone but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. That is why I created this journal.

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With your input and time, it could become a sacred scrapbook. The program was designed as a work at your own pace program. However, if you read 2 chapters a day and write your thoughts comments or lessons you can read through the Bible in about 1 and a half years

My Favorite Sports Journal

Sports has become one of our favorite pastimes. There are millions of sports radio programs, podcasts, live streams, and networks. This does not even include all the sports organizations and teams we like to keep up with.

Everybody is talking about the latest game, sporting events, and news. There is only one problem. Today’s news and precious memories quickly become ancient history. However, there is a solution to this problem and it’s called a journal.

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My Favorite Sports Journal was designed to help you remember what matters most to you about your favorite sports, team, and players.

It is a minimalistic lined journal that is fully customizable because let’s face it, we all have many different interests. Especially when it comes to sports. I hope you enjoy the journal and make it your masterpiece.

Weekly List Journal: Increasing Productivity And Christian Mindfulness

I will never forget the day I realized that a journal is one of the most useful tools a person can have. I woke up uneasy. There was so much to do; I did not know where to begin. I desperately needed to work on the 3 or 4 projects that had to be done soon. But I really needed to take the extra to pray and reflect. Because things were happening so fast, I could not enjoy being in the Lord’s presence. So I grabbed my journal and began to write a list of all I had to do. I use this time to make plans, set goals, and take small steps to achieve them.

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When I was reflecting, I realized there were things I had to get done today and things that could be done tomorrow. Of course, I was praying while making the list. I soon realized my list was not as big as I first thought. The Lord’s wisdom and my journal helped me find a good plan. It also helped me to be productive and bailed me out of a bad attitude. Of course, if we are going to get anywhere in life, we have to have a plan and a good attitude. These journals were developed to promote these aspects of Christian mindfulness. On the first page, I set my goals and appointments for the week. And on the second page, I list the good things that happened during the week. If you use two days for each week, this journal will last a year.

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