Creation And God’s Blessing, Gen. 2:1-8 by Jonathon Wright

When Genesis 2 begins, God is resting on the seventh day. The Lord is no longer thundering from Heaven and speaking the world into existence. The fact that He rested on the seventh day, would become very important to God’s people in the Old Testament. When the Lord gave His laws to Israel in Exodus 20, He told them not to work on the Sabbath or the 7th day. They were to do this because God rested after creating the world.  The Lord blessed and sanctified this day as a day of rest and worship.

Rest, A Blessing Built into Creation (Verses 1-4)

Rest is still significant to the Jewish way of life. But it also was an essential concept built into Creation. Rest is a profound gift that God gave the world. Think about how the Lord established the concept of rest by creating day and night. Also, think about how our bodies daily regenerate. Many doctors, over the years, have told their patients, “Go home and rest, there is nothing else I can do.”

The fact that God made our bodies this way is a huge blessing, which many times we do not thank Him for. 

A Sudden Creation And The Blessing of Life (Verses 5-7)

Notice the description of the Earth before Adam came into the world. There was no plant or herb in the field. It had not rained, and there was no man to till or farm the ground.

Suddenly, a mist came up from the earth and watered the ground. Immediately after these things, the LORD formed man from the dust of the ground. It is a well-known fact that we as humans consist of a significant amount of water. We need it to survive. The Lord created Adam with the right amount of water-to-dirt ratio. Then, He breathed into Adam the breath of life. The Lord shaped and fashioned Adam with such precision and definition. He then very intimately breathed life into his lungs.  And in a matter of seconds, God brought Adam into the world and gave him the gift of life.  It did not take nine months and lots of pain. We can not say exactly how long it took, but it does seem very quick. To me, it feels like God moved faster than the speed of light. He moved at the speed of thought. Light travels at a speed that is almost beyond our comprehension. But when God wants to create something, He thinks, and then it happens. We serve a God who has the power to do miracles in an instant. But some miracles do not happen overnight.

Let’s see what God does in Genesis 2:8. 

God Plants A Garden vs. 8

Shortly after creating man, the Lord planted a garden in Eden and placed Adam in it. He was the first farmer. God knew the world was going to need a farmer. How else would we survive without them?  God knew we required more than a bag of chips or some brownies all the time. Even though they are a blessing and I like them very much. The Lord knew we needed to know how to make fruits and vegetables. He knew it would take time, but He also knew man needed to do something for himself.

It was a blessing that that is still taking care of the world. I am reminded of another blessing that took care of the world. It was God sending His Son so that whosoever believes in Him might have eternal life. See John 3:16. 

So the next time you find yourself waiting on God’s blessing, please remember the bigger blessings sometimes take a while, but they are worth the time and effort to wait, trust, and follow God’s plan.

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