Janice Cole Hopkins

Janice Cole Hopkins grew up in the Appalachian region as an only child with a vivid imagination and a love for reading. I began writing early and have never stopped. I wrote my first novel after I became my mother’s caregiver, and I saw how God uses even bad situations for good. I write the first draft of a book, like I read, quickly to see what happens. My goal is to always give God the glory. All my profits go to a scholarship fund for missionary children.

The Appalachian Roots Series

Cleared for Planting is the first book in the Appalachian Roots series, but all the books have a definite ending. However, if you want to read more than one, they should be read in order to prevent spoilers.

Emma Cagle has high hopes that things will get better for her family when they move to the Appalachian Mountains in 1804, and it looks like they will for a while, but problems come crashing down. Can she survive her father’s alcoholism, capture by the Cherokee, separation from the young man she wants to marry, and this rugged new land?

In the second book in the Appalachian Roots series, Sown in Dark Soil, Leah Morgan grew up on a plantation as her father’s favorite, and her sister Ivy was her mother’s. When their father dies and Mother tries to force them to marry men they don’t want, they leave with Ivy’s secret fiancé to go to his home in the mountains. On the journey, Ivy’s petty selfishness and prejudices come out; and Luke Moretz begins to have reservations, but he feels God wants him to keep his word. Even Granny Em likes Leah better, and she’s a shrewd judge of character.

In Uprooted by War, the Moretz family must face the hard times brought on by the Civil War. It’s a time when brothers and friends fight against each other and the terror of tragedy become all-too-frequent visitors.
In1862, Luke Moretz knows he won’t be able to stay out of the war much longer. Having a problem with slavery and knowing that he’ll soon be conscripted by the Confederacy, he decides to go to eastern Tennessee to join the Union army. Can Luke keep the will to live when faced with insurmountable obstacles and horrendous conditions amid the turmoil of war? And how can he bear not knowing what’s happening at home?

Love is God’s greatest gift, and sometimes what you’re looking for is closer than you think. When her Aunt Ivy invites Rachel Moretz to come to the Whitley farm in Stanly County, North Carolina, she jumps at the chance. Although Rachel loves her parents’ mountain farm, she feels isolated there and would like to meet some other people her own age. She barely remembers her half-cousin, Patrick, even though he seems to have intriguing memories of her. He soon becomes Rachel’s best friend, helping her navigate many uncertainties while introducing her around. But the visit will bring unexpected friendships, suitors, and dangers. Rachel will need to lean on her family and God for support as she faces unexpected trials and prejudices.

When Winter Is Past is set in colonial Pennsylvania. Stanton Klein’s father had given up on life after his wife died and had left Stanton orphaned to live with his grandparents. Stanton decides he’ll never love like that. He and his first wife fared well together, but she’d died in childbirth. Now he’s decided to find another woman to marry. After all, a farmer needs a wife and sons. However, with the changes come important lessons and dangers that Stanton never imagined.

Tara Kildare’s sister gives her a cruise to get her away from her troubles for a while. Her husband had become abusive but was killed in Iraq. Now his parents are trying to gain custody of her son, Ricky. Tara knows she will never trust another man, but would a husband help her court case as her lawyer says, and would she do even this to keep her son?

The Farmers Trilogy

After Isaac Jackson steals a car in the city, the court sends him to live on the farm of an older couple for six months, and all three lives began to change. Isaac wants to stay out of trouble, but trouble seems to keep finding him anyway. As he struggles to stay true to his new-found faith, prejudice and city friends threaten to pull him back. When even his girlfriend won’t speak to him, he knows he needs to come up with a different plan than he’s been using. How can someone used to taking care of himself and his siblings learn to rely on God?

Jasmine Jackson can hardly contain her excitement as she finishes high school and begins college. She meets three young men who might be serious boyfriend material. Cameron is a great guy and her brother’s best friend, but she feels no romantic spark when she’s with him. Michael is so shy he’s easily overlooked, and Reuben is charismatic but pushy and moody. When all three dates end up with their cars vandalized, Jasmine wonders what’s happening. In the meantime, Isaac, her brother, is having his own set of problems. His girlfriend breaks up with him to pursue a career in the theater; and Edna, his acting mother, falls and breaks her hip. When Libby Robinson comes to help out, Isaac finds himself attracted to her. He’d seen her for years because she’s Jasmine’s best friend, so why is he just now noticing how special she is?

Knowing that he’s about to be taken back into the foster care system, Kevin Jackson runsaway to live on the streets. Things go well to start with, but he soon learns firsthand how dangerous the streets can be. Along the way, he has to confront his own prejudices, and he comes to realize going back to live with the Farmers in the country might not be so bad after all. Life is full of surprises and Kevin will face his share of them as he decides his future.

In From The Storm Trilogy

When her family situation worsens, Aileas Douglas runs away, but she’s unprepared for the Wyoming mountains. A friendly dog leads her to safety, but his master just might pose the most danger of all, especially to her heart.
Wounded in the Civil War and deserted by his betrothed, Ian MacGregor becomes a recluse in a remote cabin in Wyoming Territory. He thinks Aileas might be an angel when she appears beside his sickbed, but even later, he’s drawn to her in ways he doesn’t understand. However, no woman would ever be interested in him now, and he needs to protect himself from another heartbreak, but is this even possible where Aileas is concerned?

As a teenager, Jeannie MacGregor runs away from her brother’s remote mountain cabin in Wyoming and goes to live with her aunt in Baltimore. She needs some sort of social life to meet her future husband. When the first man she finds interesting rejects her, she turns to the next man who shows her attention. Is Linden Olsen everything he seems to be – suave, gallant, wealthy, and from high society – or will she just end up returning to Wyoming in a series of events that leave her reeling?

After Aileas rejects him, Brady Shape leaves Wyoming and wanders to Texas. He gets a job at Double G Ranch and becomes their temporary foreman. However, he never feels comfortable in the job, although he’s determined to catch the cattle rustlers before he leaves. He can’t seem to forget Aileas, either. When he meets Nora Joseph, she needs rescuing from a desperate situation. He’s determined to see her situated before he leaves Sagebrush, but somehow, she talks him into taking her with him. The only place he can think to take her is back to Aileas in Wyoming. However, getting there will take battling dust storms, the storms of their pasts, and storms that loom in the future.

Standalone Books

Anna Allen grew up in the Charleston Orphan House, but at eighteen, she must now leave. Her best option is to wed, and when a man from the Appalachian Mountains comes looking for a wife, she hesitantly agrees to marry him. However, life with Elbert Ramsey and his father turns out to be miles from her dreams.

In 1795, Melanie Carter’s older brother decides she’s to marry Lott Jenkins, a wealthy man who has the reputation of being harsh and unbearable, she knows her life has just started on a downward spiral. However, she’s determined to trust that God wouldn’t want her with such a man and try to make the best of the awful situation. At a masquerade ball in Edenton, she meets a rather mysterious man dressed as a knight, and she can’t forget him.

Walk the path with Jesus as He travels from Galilee to Jerusalem for the last time. Listen to his intense lessons as He tries to leave His followers with what they’ll need when He’s gone from earth. From Jericho, Jesus will journey by foot up the steep incline and rough terrain to Jerusalem. He will enter the city amid palm branches and cheers, be arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, stand trials, and suffer crucifixion at Golgotha.

Faith Allen went to live with her aunt and uncle in the Kentucky mountains after her parents died. They hadn’t been cruel, but they hadn’t been loving or kind either, and they expected her to work hard. When their son strikes it rich in the California gold rush, they pack up to head to California via the Oregon Trail.

Roslyn doesn’t know what she would have done without the woodcutter’s help, however, the villagers think him dimwitted. Rogue knights try to harass Roslyn, her mother forbids her to see Asher again, and her trips through the Dark Woods to see Grandmother get more dangerous. What’s to become of three single women who, although so different, are bound by family and one lonely woodcutter, shunned by the village?

When the earl’s heir comes to the silver shop to buy a gift, he and Glenda are drawn to each other, but his family will never approve of her. Besides being a common shopkeeper’s daughter, her father is a braggart, and his boasting always causes trouble. With an impossible task of spinning and one dilemma following another, how can they hope for a bright future?

When he went to repair Mr. Austin’s windows, Oliver Hartsell had no idea that he’d end up proposing to the man’s daughter, but that’s exactly what happened. He didn’t regret it because he’d been secretly in love with Marie for a long time. However, he doubts she feels the same way about him, but he’s determined that she will. Yet, life has a way of throwing unexpected surprises. Set in 1961 in small town, America, this is fiction at its best.

When Gwen McAllister is accosted behind the soup kitchen where she volunteers, she wants to repay her homeless rescuer, so she talks him into going to her home for a meal. Despite her son’s and sister’s objections, she trusts Hunter.
Hunter Nash reluctantly goes with Gwen, but he leaves as soon as he can. With the baggage he carries, the widow and her three children don’t need him around. However, circumstances put them together again, and Hunter finds it hard to turn off his feelings and remain uncaring.

Two classic tales set in the Middle Ages come alive with characters that will steal your heart. The timeless plots become believable and all too real. This is the print version of two related Kindle novellas, Roslyn’s Rescue and Glenda’s Gold

Two classic tales set in the Middle Ages come alive with characters that will steal your heart. The timeless plots become believable and all too real. This is the print version of two related Kindle novellas, Roslyn’s Rescue and Glenda’s Gold

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