Doris M Cush is equipped with a God focus and godly passion to reach the silent sufferers. She shares her tough and tender messages from God weaved out of her true-life musings. In her transparent and authentic approach, her encouragement remains constant. God is faithful in our frailty, a comfort in our chaos, trustworthy in our trials, and an anchor in our storms.

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Along with serving alongside her husband, Dan as a worship leader and church planter in Southwest Pennsylvania. Doris M Cush has self-published her books through Kindle Direct Publishing and each book is available on the Amazon platform.

Word Twist: God’s Word Imagined In A New Way

Word Twist: God’s Word Imagined in New Ways connects the reader to different and unique exercises in studying scripture. With thought-provoking insights and questions surrounding comfort and hope, the author takes ten scriptures throughout the Old and New Testament.

Using journal exercises, space to record gratitude, dreams and requests, she allows space for the reader to imagine God’s Word from a different vantage point.

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Each interactive chapter is then capped off with a benedictory remembrance.

  • Do you want God’s Word to resonate with you long after you’ve read your Bible?
  • Do you want a place to hide in God’s Word when tough times seek you out?
  • Do you want a fresh and new way to absorb God’s Word?

Then, Doris M. Cush helps you imagine God’s Word with Word Twist!


Shattered does not mean destroyed and Doris shares this authentic approach to life’s tough issues. With refreshing transparency, this self-proclaimed encourager inspires her reader to direct their gaze on God for honest dialogue, for genuine hope and for a deep healing of the heart.

PIECES JOURNEY JOURNAL: Choosing PEACE in the Rebuilding of our Lives 

As a companion follow-up to Doris M. Cush’s freshman offering, PIECES: JOURNEY JOURNAL takes you on an insightful expedition through self discovery. Along the way, Doris shares the lessons she’s learned out of her debris.

This interactive book was written to offer healing as a choice. Throughout its pages, Doris presents a candid and authentic approach to forgiveness for those ready to embrace peace.

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