Are you desperate to have what the world has? Are you as equally desperate to hang onto what you already have? What do you think you can take with you when you leave this world?

This is the unfiltered truth about desperation. It can turn you into a pillar of salt.

Our Biblical Ground Work: Genesis 13; 14; 19

We meet Lot in Genesis 11 but we don’t meet his wife until eight chapters later in Genesis 19. Plenty of years and activities go by in those eight chapters. Lot’s father dies in Ur and he moves to Haran with his grandfather Terah, Uncle Abram and Sarai, Abram’s wife. His grandfather dies in Haran and the God of Abram moves his uncle to Canaan, what his uncle is now calling the “Promised Land” so Lot follows his uncle. While they were there a famine came on the land so they all went to Egypt together and got kicked out. Something to do with his uncle and aunt misleading Pharaoh and a miraculous disease on Pharaoh’s house. 

Lot leaves Egypt with them and returns to Bethel. His uncle was very rich with livestock, silver and gold but Lot only had flocks, herds and tents. Their herdsmen began to argue so Uncle Abram came up with a brilliant plan to separate, because he wanted peace among them. He gave Lot first choice and he chose the Jordan Valley because it looked like the Garden of God and it was well watered. He wouldn’t have to work hard to find water, that’s for sure. Did he have a desperate need to get out of working?

Lot set up his tent near Sodom in the valley. He is no longer under the mentorship or guidance of his uncle. It is at this point that we find uncle having to intercede for Lot but had Uncle Abram separated from ALL of his family (Genesis 12:1) he would not have had to intercede at all. Lot moved from his tent near Sodom to a house inside Sodom. A clue about how desperate he was.

Our Biblical Life Lesson – A Rapture Ready Person Is Not Desperate For Anything Of This World.

Someone bound and determined to have what is pleasing to the eye or soul instantly is bound to become desperate when something negative happens to that which pleases them.

In comes Lot’s wife and daughters with the same desperate need, whether position or possession, no matter. They wanted what they saw and they wanted it now even at the detriment of their own souls.

The contrast between Abraham and Sarah, and Lot and his wife, is astounding. When you lose self control over what you want the “unfiltered truth” is that you are going to lose “self”.

Desperation leads to all kinds of sin. Desperation leads to the wrath of God because nothing will make you walk away from God faster than putting YOUR wants ahead of any one or anything.

We are going to leave this earth in one of two ways; death or rapture. BUT you can be guaranteed of this truth, you will take nothing with you in either of them.

The way to change your desperate need for the things of the world is to begin thinking in the will of God.

Thinking in the will of God will set your soul on fire to follow Jesus right into His vision for you. Nothing in this world can replace the feeling of fulfillment as you grow into who God created you to be.

Join me every Friday at 2pm EST for A Soul on Fire here as we grow together into the will of God with a soul on fire for Him.

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