Potiphar's Wife

A Fight For Control From Potiphar’s Wife

What have you done to get control over what you were desperate for?

As I am writing this, I am reminded of the things I have done because I was desperate for someone to show me they love me. I have loved, but few have loved me the way I need to be shown love.

Our Biblical Ground Work: Genesis 39

No matter what story we read, we are going to find people who are attempting to control another person through whatever means they have available to them. We all have a desire to be in control of our own life.

Potiphar’s Wife had many tools at her disposal, but what she appeared to lack was the love she needed from her husband. Verse 6 tells us that Potiphar left everything he owned under the authority of Joseph. All he worried about was his food. Let me repeat that, all he worried about was his food.

That statement is very telling and her desperate actions are even more telling.

She was unloved by her husband and he paid little attention to her. She went to Joseph for the control over love she needed, but he was just one more rejection added to her long list of rejections. I know exactly how she feels.

Biblical Strategy for Living: Taking control over love or anything else is how we become desperate for it.

Potiphar’s Wife asked Joseph, day after day, to give her attention, but he refused her. He knew it was a sin to give into her. She was desperate for some kind of control over this situation but when he rejected her the last time she was humiliated. Do you know how she felt?

Has another person humiliated you when you were trying to get some attention from them? It happens when you try to get the attention of someone who is also only interested in control over what they desire. They use your desperation, as a tool, to humiliate you and get what they want. They are desperate for something, too. So much so they are willing to use you to get it.

The more desperate you become for attention, the more Selfish Samantha, our “what about me” Demonic Diva, is able to put you in a position to be humiliated. The problem is the “what about me” blinders you have on will blind you to their self-serving scheme.

When all the attention you are used to having is negative, you grow up not knowing what love looks like. When Jesus begins to talk to you, He shows you how much attention He is willing to give you. He has to teach you first what is appropriate. That is the hard part.

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Kathleen is a Christian Author and creator of The Bible Gals Community for women in their midlife to set Jesus as priority one on Facebook. Kathleen loves writing because her writings reflect what she really has a passion to do – empowering women to become more purposeful toward their Kingdom Cause in their midlife.

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