Have you been told God’s plan for you? Have you been waiting for a very long time for it to come into fruition?

Sarah waited her whole life to have a child. She was given a promise and became cynical waiting for it. Wouldn’t you?

Biblical Ground Work: Genesis 11:27-23:20

Sarah (meaning “my princess”) was called that by the Lord from her name Sarai (meaning princess). She is Abrams brother from a different mother and she is from Ur of the Caldeans. Her father was Terah (so was Abrams) and her mother is unknown.

Sarai and Abram were married and moved from Ur to Haran where there father died. God moved them from there to Canaan. The promised land. She and her husband were wealthy beyond measure. So wealthy that every time they passed a town the people knew there was something about them that was different.

The only problem is that you cannot buy a pregnancy. Money could not get Sarah pregnant but God could. The Lord promised Sarah would have a son but he didn’t tell her when. Here is this mystery about the future again with another one of God’s women. 

The thing I love about this story is the contrasting belief between Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was a hopeful believer but Sarah grew to be a cynical believer.

Time and testing will either cause you to end up on the hopeful side of the waiting fence or the cynical one. Both of them were waiting on the same promise so what made them difference?

The roles they were defined by changed everything for both of them. Abraham created an army, took care of the workers, and took care of the livestock. He had his hands full with his work. What do you think Sarah was doing? Did she have enough work to keep her hands occupied?

Was she like the Proverbs 31 woman?

Not as far as we can tell. There is no mention of her doing any notable work except when the Lord came to discuss Sodom with Abraham. Her name is not attributed to anything other than beauty.

Her hands were waiting for the work of a child and since that wasn’t happening she attempted to get it through Hagar. And when that didn’t work she gave up waiting and turned cynical. When the Angel of the Lord came to talk to Abraham about the impending birth, plus Sodom and Gomorrah, she mocked God by laughing at him in her current cynical state.

Can you blame her? She is now 89 and Abraham is 99. Abraham laughed because he was excited, she laughed because she was cynical. She waited all those years for a son and now that she is old will she have him. But it would happen and she would finally laugh with joy.

Biblical Life Lesson: What you do with your time before your vision appears will determine what you do with your time after the vision arrives.

Sarah wasted 11 years of her life being cynical about not having Isaac when she could have enjoyed the journey to her son.

Are you waiting on your vision to arrive? What are you doing while you wait? Are you using your time wisely?

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