The Unprepared Freedom of Hagar

Do you feel like a servant to your family, your boss, your church, your friends or your God? But as soon as you are free you have no idea what to do with your time?

Biblical Ground Work – Genesis 16; 21:8-21

The Slave Girl, Hagar

Hagar, an Egyptian slave-girl (H8198), appears in the Text when her mistress, Sarah, wants to bring her into God’s promise for Abraham, Sarah’s husband. After Hagar marries Abraham and becomes pregnant, she despises Sarah, Abraham’s first wife, her ex-mistress but soon to become her mistress again.

An Angel of the Lord finds the fleeing Hagar by a spring of water. He sends her back to Sarah to yield herself “under her hand”. Before she leaves, He tells her Ishmael’s future (Genesis 16:11-12). She returns to Sarah, in obedience to the Lord, to give birth to Ishmael. Hagar’s time was devoted to her mistress and her son.

The Freed Woman, Hagar

Twelve years later, Sarah sees Ishmael mocking (H6711) Isaac and tells Abraham to drive her out from their household. God tells Abraham to comply with Sarah’s wishes because He will intends to take care of them. Abraham complies and sends them out the next morning. Hagar is now free to do what she wants with her time.

Hagar wanders in the wilderness of Beersheba until all of her food and water are gone. When she believes Ismael is going to die, she puts him under a bush. An angel speaks to her from Heaven to reassure her of God’s promise for Ishmael. He, then, shows her a well of water.

Hagar and Ishmael move to the wilderness of Paran and Hagar finds him a wife from the land of Egypt. And they both live happily ever after.

Our Biblical Life Lesson – Your Free Time is God’s Time

Hagar was a slave, then a wife, then a slave again and then a free woman. She never understood that freedom meant spending time on her own vision from God. She did not know how to spend her free time preparing for her future.

So many years had gone by, with one misunderstanding after another about the promise of God for her son. When the time finally arrived, Hagar was ill equipped to handle it. She had served others at her visions expense.

She was exactly where the Lord told her to be in this time. Although she had not become the woman the Lord needed her to be. She knew how to work for others but not for herself. She worked for the vision of others but not for hers. Any free moment she had she did not spend on knowing the Lord or herself better.

No matter where you are in reality, the Lord is expecting you to use your time wisely. Your vision is closer than you think. You can prepare for it even if you are not completely clear what your vision will look like.

Are you getting the help you need to prepare to fulfill your vision? What do you require to do the work Jesus is sending you to do?

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Sarah is Finally Able to Laugh by Kathleen Derbyshire

Have you been told God’s plan for you? Have you been waiting for a very long time for it to come into fruition?

Sarah waited her whole life to have a child. She was given a promise and became cynical waiting for it. Wouldn’t you?

Biblical Ground Work: Genesis 11:27-23:20

Sarah (meaning “my princess”) was called that by the Lord from her name Sarai (meaning princess). She is Abrams brother from a different mother and she is from Ur of the Caldeans. Her father was Terah (so was Abrams) and her mother is unknown.

Sarai and Abram were married and moved from Ur to Haran where there father died. God moved them from there to Canaan. The promised land. She and her husband were wealthy beyond measure. So wealthy that every time they passed a town the people knew there was something about them that was different.

The only problem is that you cannot buy a pregnancy. Money could not get Sarah pregnant but God could. The Lord promised Sarah would have a son but he didn’t tell her when. Here is this mystery about the future again with another one of God’s women. 

The thing I love about this story is the contrasting belief between Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was a hopeful believer but Sarah grew to be a cynical believer.

Time and testing will either cause you to end up on the hopeful side of the waiting fence or the cynical one. Both of them were waiting on the same promise so what made them difference?

The roles they were defined by changed everything for both of them. Abraham created an army, took care of the workers, and took care of the livestock. He had his hands full with his work. What do you think Sarah was doing? Did she have enough work to keep her hands occupied?

Was she like the Proverbs 31 woman?

Not as far as we can tell. There is no mention of her doing any notable work except when the Lord came to discuss Sodom with Abraham. Her name is not attributed to anything other than beauty.

Her hands were waiting for the work of a child and since that wasn’t happening she attempted to get it through Hagar. And when that didn’t work she gave up waiting and turned cynical. When the Angel of the Lord came to talk to Abraham about the impending birth, plus Sodom and Gomorrah, she mocked God by laughing at him in her current cynical state.

Can you blame her? She is now 89 and Abraham is 99. Abraham laughed because he was excited, she laughed because she was cynical. She waited all those years for a son and now that she is old will she have him. But it would happen and she would finally laugh with joy.

Biblical Life Lesson: What you do with your time before your vision appears will determine what you do with your time after the vision arrives.

Sarah wasted 11 years of her life being cynical about not having Isaac when she could have enjoyed the journey to her son.

Are you waiting on your vision to arrive? What are you doing while you wait? Are you using your time wisely?

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The Water IS Rising by Kathleen Derbyshire

Kathleen Derbyshire Water Is Rising

When you know something is coming, set your mind to prepare for it, rather than trying to avoid it.

The LORD spoke to Noah, giving him a vision and instruction for what is to come. But what kind of vision doesn’t involve the whole family? Noah leads his family on this giant sized quest and his wife, knowing the water was going to rise, runs to it, taking her daughter-in-law’s with her.

Biblical Ground Work: Genesis 6-8

Noah’s vision was for him and his family to work together to accomplish this task. Your vision from God includes whatever is happening right now, with your family in this pandemic. Noah, his wife and all of their kids knew what was coming. Their job was to prepare for it to save themselves and select animals. This work would then prepare them for their next task — rebuild the earth.

They spend 120 years building a huge boat in their back yard while everyone around them watched. Jesus even mentioned the ignorance of the people around them as they prepared it for operation (Matthew 24:37; Luke 17:26). They were not ignorant of Noah building a boat, they were ignorant of what it meant. As a result, they were washed away by the water.

Biblical Life Lesson: Your vision is a future event you need to prepare for.

I think Noah and all the other Bible characters were so fortunate. The Lord called them out, then told them what they would do for Him. Thomas was told what it would be like for us. Doubting Thomas said he would not believe Jesus had risen again until “he himself” sees Jesus. Jesus said in response, “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:24-29)

Noah, Thomas, Paul, Peter and more, saw the Lord and were told directly by Him what they would do. We do not see Him but we have seen His vision for us through many different sources such as a flash picture, a movie real or even a person giving you a snip it of what the Lord requires of you.

You have seen a mental image of God’s direction for you (your vision). Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant. Look back in your journals. Find God’s vision in your Bible. Look back in your memory and find it. If you have seen it, it is yours to prepare for.

Noah’s wife prepared for the flood. She was not caught off guard when the waters rose and we should not be caught off guard when Jesus comes. His vision for you is the same today as it was yesterday and it will be the same tomorrow. Noah’s wife’s story is a biblical lesson that you can live life to.

Are you getting the help you need to fulfill your vision?

What do you need to do the work Jesus is sending you to do?

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It’s Your Eve of Security

Your Eve Of Security

Are you finished putting your security in what people say you can and cannot do?

Your Biblical Ground Work: Genesis 2-3

Eve was the first woman to obey and disobey God.

  • She was the first woman to see what a lack of protection looks like from a husband. And the first women to be used by the Devil to introduce sin into her life.
  • She was the first woman to have children. And the first woman to mourn the loss of two sons at the same time.
  • She was the first woman to do every thing from building a house to working the ground. 

However, she was never told by the Lord that she couldn’t work for Jesus. She was never told she couldn’t lead a man and was never told to be silent. Quite the opposite: she was spoken to and spoke to God.

She was never told she was subservient to her husband, but enjoyed equality with equal duties to take care of her family. And in case you don’t know — all of humanity was her family.

Our Biblical Lesson: Put your security in Jesus because it is His vision that You are walking in. 

The Lord has given you a vision just as He gave Eve one. He will accomplish it in you as you become more like Him in this world. Eve is the mother of all humanity without limitations from man. You can accomplish your vision without limitation from man as well. She did what the Lord assigned to her and ALL the work it took to grow accomplish it.

You can do the same because He is God and you are His. 

Putting off walking in your vision from God because someone told you that you are not qualified, due to your feminine features, is a mistake. Eve accomplished what was assigned to her in spite of her new limitations because she was out of the perfect garden. She worked there was fruitful the first time but now she has to toil to be fruitful. She toiled. 

The evidence that Eve was never held back is of great significance to all woman. There are many who belief that all women should be held back from their vision from God because they are women. That is fine, let them believe that and don’t let it stop you from going forward.

Put your security in Jesus and He will lead you as well as transform your mind into His thinking. Submitting to the process of understanding His will for your life is walking in your vision even if you don’t know His vision yet.

This has been a Biblical Lesson that you can live life to.

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