Your Eve Of Security

Are you finished putting your security in what people say you can and cannot do?

Your Biblical Ground Work: Genesis 2-3

Eve was the first woman to obey and disobey God.

  • She was the first woman to see what a lack of protection looks like from a husband. And the first women to be used by the Devil to introduce sin into her life.
  • She was the first woman to have children. And the first woman to mourn the loss of two sons at the same time.
  • She was the first woman to do every thing from building a house to working the ground. 

However, she was never told by the Lord that she couldn’t work for Jesus. She was never told she couldn’t lead a man and was never told to be silent. Quite the opposite: she was spoken to and spoke to God.

She was never told she was subservient to her husband, but enjoyed equality with equal duties to take care of her family. And in case you don’t know — all of humanity was her family.

Our Biblical Lesson: Put your security in Jesus because it is His vision that You are walking in. 

The Lord has given you a vision just as He gave Eve one. He will accomplish it in you as you become more like Him in this world. Eve is the mother of all humanity without limitations from man. You can accomplish your vision without limitation from man as well. She did what the Lord assigned to her and ALL the work it took to grow accomplish it.

You can do the same because He is God and you are His. 

Putting off walking in your vision from God because someone told you that you are not qualified, due to your feminine features, is a mistake. Eve accomplished what was assigned to her in spite of her new limitations because she was out of the perfect garden. She worked there was fruitful the first time but now she has to toil to be fruitful. She toiled. 

The evidence that Eve was never held back is of great significance to all woman. There are many who belief that all women should be held back from their vision from God because they are women. That is fine, let them believe that and don’t let it stop you from going forward.

Put your security in Jesus and He will lead you as well as transform your mind into His thinking. Submitting to the process of understanding His will for your life is walking in your vision even if you don’t know His vision yet.

This has been a Biblical Lesson that you can live life to.

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