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Over the past eight centuries we have been faced with this question. Not as a society, but as an individual woman who is saved by Jesus.

One of the most unsettling things I have heard is that we have to start all over again. Right from the start. Every one of us. And we tend to come to a startling different conclusion each time.

You will have your conclusion of why you can do what the Lord created you to do and I will come to mine. We will think we might have to defend it and we will.

God might call you to serve men and they won’t let you. He might call you to lead, but the elders won’t let you. He might call you into administration but the leaders won’t let you.

You, my lovely, might be an eye but if you don’t get into your role as an eye the other eye will have to do double the work. The same concept goes for every person in the body of Christ, not just women. If men are not allowing women into their roles there is a man where a woman is supposed to be making the body of Christ lopsided.

If you are an eye, be the eye. Don’t let someone make you into a ear. They both have great and useful functions but they are not the same function. Keep your eye on your vision from God so He can move you into your role where He has ordained it to be.

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