Anaelle Auguste

Anaelle Auguste refuses to be limited by her background and past experiences. At the age of 27, after encountering numerous difficulties she relies on God’s grace. Issues which included bullying, betrayal, growing up without her father which clouded her perception when it comes to romantic relationships. Her reliance on God’s grace helped to overcome trust issues, learn to forgive, and break free from her taunting past.

These difficult times strengthened Anaelle as a person and gave her the ability to withstand adversities and bounce back from difficult life events.  Determined to turn her worst experiences into wisdom, she will soon release her debut book Single, Saved, and Content.

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By profession, Anaelle Auguste is a registered nurse. When not working, she prefers to spend quality time with her close family and friends. Apart from her love for writing, she likewise enjoys reading, listening to music, trying out different and unique cuisines, travelling, and watch movies, Nigerian movies particularly, and crime scene investigation TV shows, Law and Order SVU.

Being raised in a conservative culture where the concept of women empowerment did not exist, it ignited her passion to actively immerse herself in empowering young girls. She takes great joy in inspiring youth at her church and working in children’s ministry.

Anaelle Auguste

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