DL Rudd

DL Rudd is from Chicago. A photographer by trade, as well as a creative artist, using mixed media, watercolor and drawing. She has worked in the non-profit arena, playing a supportive role at a local church, and a local women’s shelter for pregnant women.

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DL Rudd enjoys speaking with Women’s groups, via bible studies, conferences, local church events and retreats. Currently she is a Grief Share leader to help those who have lost a loved one via death. Helping them to walk through the path as they grow in strength through the power of God.

DL Rudd’s passion is the Bible, which is the best tool to grow in Christ, and live life to the fullest!

Forever Hope

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Forever Hope dives into the idea that we will always face challenges in life. Trials and tribulations are faced every day by everyone, whether they be big or small.

In her book, author DL Rudd shares her personal experiences with readers as she invites readers to learn how to see challenges in a new light.

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DL’s transparency gives readers a look into her childhood, her path to finding faith, her falling in love, and so much more. Her message focuses on everyone learning from the troubles they encounter. Why? Because God is our forever hope.

This provides readers with a combination of author experiences and biblical references to show that through the Lord, we can grow and gain from every single experience in our lives. God will never leave us, and DL’s powerful testimony showcases how no matter what she faced, He was always in the midst.

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