Teresa Barger is the author of “The Little Man Series.” She and her husband, Mark, reside in Norris City, a small, rural community in Southern Illinois. Teresa is a born-again Christian, a mother, and a grandmother of two. Raised on a farm, she enjoys gardening, nature, and the outdoors. She has a weakness for stray dogs and orphaned animals.

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Teresa Barger works at a school for children with emotional disorders. When she’s not at work or writing her books, you will probably find her in her flower gardens or feeding the birds and squirrels that eat at her feeders. Teresa enjoys taking her Little Man puppet to schools, and churches to teach children about Jesus. God has given her a desire to help children realize how important they are. She has a passion to tell the world about God’s love through the journeys of Little Man

Little Man’s Journey
The Mountain

Little Man discovers that life’s journey can sometimes become difficult. While worrying about the mountain he faces in the future, he is unable to enjoy his day-to-day journey. When he decides to take matters into his own hands, he leaves the path the Lord put him on. Finally realizing that he can’t defeat the mountain by himself, he has to rely on his faith and discovers the Lord’s path is always best.

Little Man’s Journey
The River 

Little Man has to decide if his faith in the Lord is more important than being popular with people. While he gets bullied for trusting Jesus, he must decide what to do. Will he deny his faith in Jesus or stand strong in his beliefs? Come along with Little Man on his journey to the river and find out how important our relationship with Jesus really is.

Little Man’s Journey
The Desert

Little Man discovers how being envious makes him bitter, and causes his heart to be dry as a desert. Journey along with Little Man as he learns a lesson about ENVY.

Little Man’s Journey
The Garden

Little Man and his new friend Little Lady turn the desert into a magnificent garden! As they work together, Little Lady thinks she’s a failure because of her weakness. We tend to think our weaknesses make us defective, especially if we compare ourselves with others. But what we see as our weakness, the Lord turns to His good. In this story, God shows us how he uses weakness and strength to work together to perfect His will.

Little Man’s Journey
The Cavern

The Lord sends Little Man into a dark place to allow those who live in darkness to see the light of Jesus.

Little Man’s Journey
The Forest

When Little Man and Little Lady go exploring in a forest, they meet a very bitter and unforgiving tree named Oakley who doesn’t like anyone. Journey along with them as they teach Oakley a lesson about forgiveness.

Little Man’s Journey
The Battle

Little Man learns to use God’s Word as a weapon. When he and Little Lady are visiting SweetsVille, evil gingerbread men have Little Lady tied up with licorice rope in a castle made of cake. Journey along with Little Man as he learns to use the Sword of God’s Word to battle evil.

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