Anna Jensen is a British ex-pat who has lived in South Africa for a little over twenty years. She and her husband live with their two teenage children on the east coast, a few miles north of the city of Durban. Overlooking the Indian Ocean where they have the privilege of watching dolphins and whales at play.

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Anna Jensen’s book ‘The Outskirts of His Glory’ was published in May 2019. The book is a Christian devotional and poetry collection exploring the many surprising ways that God can speak to us through His creation. She has drawn on her travels in and around South Africa, as well as further afield.

She is hopeful to inspire people to slow down. And perhaps listen more carefully to the ‘whispers of His ways’ (Job 26:14).

The Outskirts Of His Glory

Join Anna Jensen and her family as they travel to seek out and experience the odd and unexpected of God’s creation. Often taking the less beaten paths, they encounter an elephant raised by a herd of buffalo, a community of birds in nests two metres high, a coffee tree growing where it should not exist, and much more. In each place, Anna senses the still, small voice of God, revealing aspects of his glory and character which challenge and equip us.

As well as a photograph of each place visited, every story comes with a scripture for meditation, a poem for reflection and a prayer for application.

As you journey with Anna, you will be inspired to slow down, stop and listen to the whispers of the Spirit as he speaks to you too through the natural world.

Twenty Years An Ex-Pat: Tales Of Settling In

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Read about Anna’s experiences as she left her native land, and learnt to embrace the different and the new as she settled in South Africa. At times funny, at others poignant, the one constant is God’s love and purpose for Anna in all she experiences.

Includes Scripture verses and prayers to help give hope and focus during times of crisis and change.

A Seat In A Garden: 14 Days Of Reflections And Poems From Seven Gardens Of Africa

What better place to enjoy the presence of God than from a seat in a secluded garden? Take a moment to wander with Anna Jensen through seven of her favourite African gardens in this book of 14 daily devotions.

Discover with her the delights of quiet contemplation, finding glimpses of the Creator in every leaf and flower. Pause and rest for reflection on a ‘bench’ – a space created through poetry and prayer.

Originally published as two separate titles in the ‘In All Things’ boxed set featuring thirteen weeks of devotions written by eleven authors of Africa, this collection combines Anna’s ‘Musings from an African Garden’ and ‘Poems from an African Garden’ into one unique volume.

Rugged Roads: 14 Stories And Poems From Seven Journeys In Africa

Take a journey off the beaten track and enjoy the drama on seven journeys of adventure and discovery through South Africa and beyond.

Take the warned-against route from Harare to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, or discover the twists and turns of a mountain pass into Lesotho. Stumble through the sand of a Namibian desert or feel the adrenalin rush of being charged by a rhino or threatened by an elephant.

In this collection of 14 daily devotions, reflect on the whispers of God heard when driving off-road. Through stories and Scripture readings, poetry and prayer, find the joy of choosing ‘Rugged Roads’.

A Gratitude Challenge: 14 Days Of Choosing Thanks

In November 2020, Anna Jensen embarked on her first ‘gratitude challenge’, a series of social media posts giving thanks on a daily basis.

Anna found herself being grateful for the serious and the silly, and everything in between (on one of the days, she was thankful for shoe shops, after her son climbed into the car from school with a ‘flapping sole’, which needed an urgent remedy).

This book of 14 days of devotions is the pick of Anna’s month of gratitude, shared with you in the hope that you will see the delight in the daily and the mundane. There really is so much to be thankful for.

A Candle For Christmas: Four Candles, Four Stories. One Christmas Day

The vicar of St Saviour’s is preparing for Christmas. Four Sundays, four services, four advent candles to light.

Richard loves Christmas. And he loves the ritual of the advent candles. Only this year is different. Memories and regrets threaten to spoil his favourite season.

Joelle is tired. Tired of the streets; tired of the weather. Tired of being unseen. Could the preparations for Christmas at St Saviour’s herald a new beginning?

Tamara knows this Christmas is going to be different. She’s been planning for weeks. But will it be in the way she expects or is there a surprise in store?

Ellen realises her new-found freedom isn’t as wonderful as she expected it to be. Can she retrace her steps and find restoration? Or is it too late?

Christmas Day. Richard ignites the final candle…

Poems And Prayers: 14 Reflections From A Year Of Change

The year 2020 started like any other – full of promise and hope. Within a few months, it was clear this was to be no ordinary year. By March, the World Health Organisation had declared a global pandemic of the hitherto-unknown coronavirus Covid-19.

For Anna Jensen, it was a time of bewilderment, but also an opportunity; an opportunity to press in afresh and hear all that God wants to whisper.

In this collection of 14 daily devotions, Anna reflects on those early months of the pandemic, articulating her thoughts through poems and prayerful reflections.

Given Lives: A Village, A Plague, An Extraordinary Love


Plague ravages the English capital, London.

Thousands are left dead.

In the Derbyshire village of Eyam, 160 miles north of the London tragedies, Kitty Allenby is settling into country life. Encouraged by her Aunt Anne and Uncle Robert, she is excited for the year ahead.

That is until a stranger arrives from London, bringing a parcel of cloth for the local tailor – cloth infested with plague-carrying fleas.

Within weeks, Eyam is under siege.

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By spring 1666, drastic action is needed to contain the spread of disease. What can be done?

The Reverend William Mompesson thinks he knows. For his plan to succeed, Mompesson will need the co-operation of the whole community, including his predecessor and rival, Thomas Stanley.

Will the two men be able to put aside the deep mistrust of one another for the sake of the people they are called to serve? How will the doomed villagers respond?

And what of Kitty? Can she learn to love a community not her own, perhaps paying the ultimate price alongside strangers she barely knows?

Based on true events, Given Lives is a story of bravery and sacrifice, of love that laid itself down for the sake of others. It is a whisper through time to each of us confronted by a modern plague, the global Covid 19 pandemic. Will we attune our ears and listen?

‘My great aunt (nine times over) and ancestor, Margaret Blackwell, is part of this wonderful novel and, as a family survivor of this dreadful plague, I felt privileged to be asked to read Anna’s novel.
The story unfolds as Kitty comes to Eyam to celebrate the annual Wakes Week and becomes isolated with the villagers as they try to contain the disease. It captures the real depth of sacrificial love, care and compassion and their heroism during the plague outbreak in 1665–66. The trust and hope the families had in God to bring them through this tragic time is a real testament to their fortitude, as Kitty constantly, with her family, looks forward to a brighter and happier future.
It’s a great read. and my thanks to Anna for her factual insight and passion for our history.’ — Joan Plant, Descendant of a Plague Survivor

Thirty Days Of Honour: Celebrating The Women In My Life- And The Inspiration In Theirs

In South Africa, August is officially designated Women’s Month in commemoration of the 20,000 women of all races who marched to the centre of the then apartheid government in Pretoria in protest against an amendment to the ‘pass laws’ which sought to control the movement of women of colour across the country.

Just as life in South Africa is what it is today thanks to the bravery and camaraderie of those pioneers, writer Anna Jensen is herself a product of the combined inputs of some amazing women. In August 2020, she decided to celebrate and honour some of these women by introducing them to the world through a series of micro-blog posts, in which each woman was given the opportunity to share on a woman from the Bible who particularly inspired them.

‘Thirty Days of Honour’ is a 30-day book of Christian devotions collecting these posts together in one place. Each day’s entry includes a prompt to ‘make it personal’, and closes with a prayer.

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