Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen is a British ex-pat who has lived in South Africa for a little over twenty years. She and her husband live with their two teenage children on the east coast, a few miles north of the city of Durban. Overlooking the Indian Ocean where they have the privilege of watching dolphins and whales at play.

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Anna Jensen’s book ‘The Outskirts of His Glory’ was published in May 2019. The book is a Christian devotional and poetry collection exploring the many surprising ways that God can speak to us through His creation. She has drawn on her travels in and around South Africa, as well as further afield.

She is hopeful to inspire people to slow down. And perhaps listen more carefully to the ‘whispers of His ways’ (Job 26:14).

The Outskirts Of His Glory

Join Anna Jensen and her family as they travel to seek out and experience the odd and unexpected of God’s creation. Often taking the less beaten paths, they encounter an elephant raised by a herd of buffalo, a community of birds in nests two metres high, a coffee tree growing where it should not exist, and much more. In each place, Anna senses the still, small voice of God, revealing aspects of his glory and character which challenge and equip us.

As well as a photograph of each place visited, every story comes with a scripture for meditation, a poem for reflection and a prayer for application.

As you journey with Anna, you will be inspired to slow down, stop and listen to the whispers of the Spirit as he speaks to you too through the natural world.

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