A.C. Cuddy (Ann Cuddy) is simply a daughter of God. She published her first book in 2017 – “Refined by the Fire”. It is a compilation of stories, insights, and lessons learned from living a life as a “firewalker”. Her second book, “The Cross Splits the World; The Protest, The Price and The Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ” was published in 2019.

A.C. Cuddy is a simple woman who’s been given the opportunity to live an amazing life. Writing has been a hobby since her teen years that she hadn’t taken seriously until this last year. She is a blogger, teacher, speaker and writer posting on various websites. Living a fairly quiet life in New Hampshire with her husband, Michael.


Books Include:

Refined By The Fire

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I will venture a guess and say that many of you reading this book are, as we speak, either walking in the Refiner’s fire, have just come out of that fire or unbeknownst to you – are headed for the fire. I believe that there are few Christ followers in this world that have not been a fire walker at some point in their life. I know that I have.

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This book is a compilation of my life and my stories – it is a reflection of lessons learned. What I share with you here in these pages are my thoughts, stories, teachings, life events, and blessings, and not-so blessed blessings of what I have learned while in and amongst the Refiner’s Fire.

The Cross Splits The World

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Jesus is the only way to God and eternity in Heaven. Only through Jesus’ finished work on the Cross can you be saved. What is it about those two statements that make the Cross of Jesus Christ so offensive that those words cause such turmoil among brothers that friendships and family ties can be forever broken?

It is because of what the Cross of Jesus Christ represents; the recognition of the wickedness of mankind and the impossibility of eternity with God in Heaven because of our wickedness. I believe the break between brothers comes when the TRUTH of the need of a Savior clashes with the personal belief that each of us is our own savior and entrance into Heaven is based solely on our good deeds and leading a good life. This book presents the unvarnished TRUTH of the Price, The Protest and the Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

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