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Debbie Sistare writes under the name DS Sistare. She is a published author of adult and teen non-fiction and fiction articles, short stories, and novellas. Her true short stories are in many Christian publications.
Her first published novel “In Search of the Key of David: The Symbol of Knowledge was published in 2018. It eventually became a trilogy with book two “The Symbol of Wisdom” and book three “The Symbol of Power” being published. Many of her books are published for secular readers, yet, her main characters have high moral values.
The medical profession once labeled her as disabled but she refused to accept the label saying, “As long as I can write, I am enabled.”

The Key Series

Yeshua (Jesus) placed the Key that unlocks the Chamber of All Knowledge, All Wisdom, and All Power in the Underworld where it was to be held until his return. For over two thousand years, the Key remained hidden. Now the key is missing and the Underworld is in turmoil. The Key must be found to prevent a war that would destroy the earth.

Three people, drawn together supernaturally, gain knowledge of an unusual symbol found in the caverns beneath Utah. Three people with one quest and three different agendas enter the caverns with plans to follow their symbols. The professor believes the symbol will lead him to the Fountain of Youth and he is running out of time. The physician believes the symbol holds the knowledge to cure every disease known to man, and she wants that knowledge. The Native American reverend-turned-shaman was appointed “Protector of the Symbol” by his tribe, and he must protect the symbol at any cost.

Once they are drawn into the paranormal world of the caverns they must face their inner demons associated with their personal belief or non-belief in Yahweh (God). Their strengths and their weaknesses are exposed as they are forced to become dependent on the supernatural power of the mysterious, ever-changing symbol. Without belief in where it gets its power, they will not survive. They learn that the Key of David is not the real missing Key but it is a series of codes that once broken will open all the mysteries hidden in the Bible for Yahweh’s people.

**I had other pastors helping me hold my Key series as close to biblically correct as possible while dealing with the paranormal and supernatural scenes.**

Solo Books

1-Second Chance Horse Ranch
               Native American horse whisperer and war vet, Ti Nightwalker, must fight against his past to save his family ranch. He falls in love with a woman working to save abused horses which she brings to his ranch for rehabilitation. Expressing his feelings for her will put her life in danger.
2-The Horse Whisperer
               Her father refuses to trust her to train their horses. Fighting to prove herself as a horse whisperer, a young woman changes her name, turns her back on her privileged lifestyle, and hires on a stranger’s ranch as a horse trainer. She falls in love with her boss—a man that does not trust women. How can she work without trust?
3-Saving Sam’s Inheritance
               As a teenager, Sam is pushed out of her father’s life by his new wife. He is being controlled by a pre-nuptial that he signed without reading. Years later, against her step-mother’s wishes, Sam returns to take care of her dying father. She learns he and the boy she once loved have been trying to find a way for her to claim what should have been her rightful inheritance.

1-Murder by Studmuffin
            A twelve-year-old grudge and a love triangle make Jake the perfect suspect to be framed for murder. Can he get over his grudge in time to prevent the murder of the woman he has despised since high school and prove his innocence?
2-The Bequest               
When a wealthy young widow dies, her estranged family arrives to claim her fortune. They soon learn she was persuaded by her best friend and caregiver to make some major changes in her will. What they receive is not what they expected but it was more than she felt they deserved. And the best friend received more than she expected.
3-Political Aspirations and Murder  Murder, Romance, and Intrigue G”              
                Shariff Jake’s best friend died in a suspicious explosion. Before allowing himself to admit his feelings for Reba, his best friend’s sister, he is determined to solve the murder. Only, she becomes engaged to one of his prime suspects. Then the murder investigation gets complicated. The bride runs away before the wedding, her stepfather announces plans to run for Governor and eventually POTUS, an international gang shows up, and a secret passage is found under Reba’s newly built mansion. Then Reba is kidnapped after Jake marries her to protect her.

Seventy-five-year-old triplets, retired army nurses/spies from the Vietnam era are meddling in local politics and find themselves in the middle of a case involving a missing, presumed murdered, CIA agent. If that’s not enough, they decide the investigating PI would be perfect for their niece, a recently retired, military surgeon.  When he is shot five times and barely alive they call to tell her to set up for surgery because they are bringing a wounded man to her and expect her to fix him. While he is recovering and falling in love with the beautiful angel doctor that threatens to cut off his balls and sew them to his earlobes, they take over his case, find the missing agent, trap a rogue agent, and while they were at it, exposed a mole in the CIA.

A young unsophisticated country girl is running for her life. She seeks the help of a PI who is known as the best for protection but a Neanderthal when it comes to women. In fact, he refuses to take on any woman as a client.  When he learns what she is up against he decides to take on her cause, not her case, but on his terms and it is going to be his way or no way.  She later learns that “his way” includes marriage, taking over her ranch, and placing her under the protection of armed guards and his four guard dogs…which she is determined to turn in to pets.

On the run for her life after her best friend is murdered, a young city girl wrecks in the middle of nowhere, which is somewhere in Wyoming: an area that has something against street lights and gas stations. She is found semi-conscious and suffering from heat exhaustion by the one cowboy that refuses to be a hero ever again. He intends to get her car fixed and ger her off his ranch asap… until he learns the killer is a big city police detective and he is tracking her by her cell phone. The Cowboy calles his former team of CIA undercover mercenaries together to help protect her.

The past inhabitants of Gulfside Island were selfish and distrustful. Because they refused to help an injured woman that washed up on their shore after a bad storm she placed a curse on them. No soul would ever leave the island. At death, they would be chained to the island for eternity. However, because there were three pure hearts that came to her aid, the descendants of those three bloodlines, working together, would be given a chance to find a way to break the curse before it became eternal.  The catch… all three families had to work together, and they only had ten generations to figure out what to do and how to do it. Unfortunately, the three families had not gotten along for at least five of the last eight generations. 
It is the tenth and last generation. The last members of the three families have come together. One believes in the curse. One does not. The third, a trouble magnet, is gifted and could hear from the spirits if she would only stop running… from her gifts and from her kidnapper.

This is Burt’s mother’s idea of what she thinks should be the approved equipment and rules to be used by all hunters to give the poor deer a sporting chance. Burt, a member of the Catawba Indian Nation (and my son), has different ideas but is willing to apply this to non-native Americans. Approved Equipment: Weapon, Slingshot; Bait, Singing rocks; Ammunition, Pinto Beans. Rules: Five shots per deer. Knock the deer down, you win. Fail to knock the deer down, he wins. Deer falls over laughing, no one wins. In case of starvation from poor hunting skills, cook and eat the ammo.

During a major ice storm, a body is found frozen in a car filled with water, only the car was never submerged in water. They have no idea who the victim is, the tips of his fingers were surgically removed. They have no idea when he was murdered because he was frozen solid. The car was stolen two years earlier and had a more recent but stollen license plate. When the body was thawed out they were able to do an autopsy. They knew what he had to eat right before he drowned in city water and was frozen stiff. That was all they had to go on until they found one fingerprint on the back of the stolen license plate and the results of the postmortem the detective jokingly requested on the victim’s last meal.

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