Interview DL Rudd

DL Rudd Interview

Michael Furlonger sat down to interview DL Rudd to hear her testimony and work she is doing. Donna (DL Rudd) Rudd’s book Forever Hope: Living in hope in the midst of life’s struggles shares how she overcame great hardships in life.

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By Donna (DL)

Welcome to Words By Design, and Water at the Well Life Coaching and Grief Guide (Grief2Life). W@W/G2L is a place where body, soul and mind become whole with coaching and prayer that is filled with Biblical foundation to have God purify the heart and mind. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, grieving, sense of loss, life changes (empty nesting) or new parenting, coaching can bring clarity to move forward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am an Author, Life Coach, photographer, artist, Mom, Odie to my grands, Jesus Girl who does her best, sometimes falls short, yet I know who I am in Christ. I am forgiven, and filled with His amazing grace. I am honored to share Water at the Well Life Coaching and Grief Guidance with others who want to overcome difficult or challenging seasons in life. As someone who has walked through the Valley Of Death many times, God has stayed faithful and is always Sovereign, even when I struggled. As well as the journey through grief, sometimes we simply get stuck in life. Problems, issues, job loss, family dynamics and so many other variations of life altering situations. We can walk together. Prayerfully, worshiping Him, walking in faith and not by sight. That's where we can meet together at the deep well of Christ, who offers Living Water that will refresh you from the inside out. If you'd like a 30 minute free consult, feel free to contact me through the forms (or by email. I'd love to meet you! We can laugh a little, lighten the load by praying and believing God brought us together for such a time as this. Life is short, communicate with and in love. Share joy, pray with hope, and live life to the fullest! Browse around, check out the photography, artwork and the blogs and You Tube Station.

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