Author Natasha Grantz Interview

Author Natasha Grantz Interview

Author Natasha Grantz has written The Culture Challenge: Trading In Your World View For An Eternal Perspective and A Changed Heart: An Intimate Look At A 15 Year Old’s Journey Through Life And Loss. She was an adopted bi-racial child who grew up struggling with identity crisis, teen pregnancy, tragedy and more. She has come through with a desire to share of God’s hope and wisdom to a lost and hurting world.

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Author Michael Furlonger Interview

Author Michael Furlonger God: The Master of Sin and Satan The Beautiful

Author Michael Furlonger has been working on this project for a few months now. While he has been keeping it under wraps to the public, he is getting ready to share. Before he opens up the floodgates of all these amazing Christian authors and bloggers, he wanted to share a bit about himself. In the identical format that he would use with others.

Author Michael Furlonger has published two book, God: The Master of Sin and Satan the Beautiful and Assurance of Salvation: How To Find The Assurance Of Your Eternity. In today’s interview, Michael Furlonger shares on his faith, books, and his website.

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Author Shannon Foster Interview

Shannon Binger Foster

“Author Shannon Foster is the author of three coloring books.

  • A Stroke With God: A 30 Day Prayer Journal and Coloring Book
  • Coloring Through The Seasons With God: A 12 Month Prayer Journal With Coloring Pages
  • Mindful Meditations: A 30 Day Journal With Coloring Pages.

These are definitely interesting approaches to adding to your prayer life that I have never considered. But we’ll let Shannon shine some light on this method.

“Shannon is also a 10 year cancer survivor and owner of an island, but only during high waters.

“Her husband, Steve, also has a book out called Echos Of The Soul. While the conversation is about Shannon, Steve’s book will be share below.”

(As a Christian, Michael Furlonger believes that Jesus Christ died on a cross for our sins and calls on us to live a holy life. While trying to respect differing views, Michael does not encourage any rosaries or statues as the Bible speaks against building statues and praying to any other than God.)

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Author Samantha Morgan Interview

Author Samantha Morgan

“Today’s interview is with Samantha Morgan, the author of Miraculously My Own set to come out in January 2021, about adopting her son from Russia. And her ministry is offering support for women suffering from infertility and offering hope through adoption. I have plenty of thoughts and questions, but for the sake of time, I’ll try to keep on topic. I’m sure that my foot will end up in my mouth at some point and I do apologize in advance.”

Samantha Morgan’s Website

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Author Julie C. Gilbert Interview

Author Julie C. Gilbert

Author Julie Gilbert has written over 60 books. Books ranging from Christian fiction, fantasy, mystery, poetry and How To books. Whatever your fancy.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to discuss each one, but we will get into the mind of Julie Gilbert and see what she may recommend first. Below we have categorized the books for you to easily find.

5 Steps Series

Innova & The Guardian Angel Files

Aeris Legends

River’s Edge Ransom & The Redeemer Chronicles

Anotech Chronicles

Devya’s Children

The Heartfelt Cases

Shadow Council

Eagle Eyes

Cyber League Crimes


Standalone Books

Princess Melia’s Plight Comic Books

Julie C. Gilbert’s Website

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