Interview With Author, Podcaster and Inventor Doctor Mary Hancock.

Michael Furlonger sat down with author Dr. Mary Hancock. She opened up about her growing up in the country, going to church with her mom, the loss of her father and her call to write. She also shared on her call to invent.

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Dr. Mary Hancock In Her Own Words:

“I am a mother, and a wife. I’m a sister, and I’m a teacher. I’m an inventor. I’m a podcaster, but most importantly, I’m a believer. I was saved since high school, well over 30 years. During which time, my relationship with Christ has progressed and keeps progressing as I spend time in the word of God.

“I taught high school for 14 years. I receive my masters degree from South Carolina State University in Orangeburg South Carolina. Then I received my PhD in 2015 from South Carolina State University in Columbia South Carolina.

“I wrote two books. The first is called ‘What To Do When: From Spiritual Fulfillment To Self-Fulfillment, Nothing Missing‘. And the second book is called “I’m Screaming, Can You Hear Me?”.

I have created a mini course for the first book.

I’m a podcaster; The podcast is called real top by Dr. HANCOCK.”

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