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Interview with author Cydnie Trenholm. She is the author of By My Own Betrayal and co-founder and lead writer of Moving Mountains Productions.

Author of God: The Master of Sin and Satan the Beautiful and founder of, Michael Furlonger sat down with author Cydnie Trenholm to discuss her book By My Own Betrayal. She is also the co-founder and lead writer of Moving Mountains Production.
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Intro: 2:17
1. Can you share about your testimony, church up-bringing and coming to faith? –2:47
2. Can you share how a Christian would wake up one day and say, “You know, I think I want to write a book about an assassin?” – 4:05
3. Everyone listening, or watching, the book is called By My Own Betrayal. Did you find it difficult to hold to Christian values while having a main character with an, arguably, dark persona? – 7:16
4. Now, I looked up your other project online. The link will be in the description below for anyone interested. By Cydnie co-owns a production company called Moving Mountains Productions. Is this a Christian production company? – 11:37
a. How can people get involved to help your business?- 14:55
5. Will we be seeing Sadie’s assassination story on the big screen? – 16:37
a. The difference between being a novel writer and a script writer – 16:50
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