Interview With John Stapleton

John Stapleton

Today’s interview is with John Stapleton. John Stapleton is a YouTuber, Apple Podcaster and is a blogger on ChristianWritersBookstore. It was a privilege to listen to John and hear more of his church upbringing and testimony.

Sadly, due to poor internet connection, the interview was cut short. We look forward to John sharing more on his books and other projects he has in the future.

If you are interested in the books John mentioned, they are available below.

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Kathleen Derbyshire Interview

Interview With Author, Christian Life Couch and Teacher Kathleen Derbyshire

Author Kathleen Derbyshire sat down to discuss her faith and writing with ChristianWritersBookstore. With a calling on her life to help women navigate life, she wrote The White Picket Fence: Crown for Life Pursues Biblical Boundaries. This book is part 1 in her Crown For Life Series. The book is based on the one verse from the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus says, “Let your ‘yes’ be yes and your ‘no’ be no” (Matt. 5:37).

The book is a fiction book about five women who are unable to set their boundaries correctly.

Life is filled with decisions we must make. Are we saying yes when we should be saying no? Why do we find it so difficult to say no when it is warranted? When should we say yes?

Biblical Life Skills teacher Kathleen Derbyshire introduces a new way to illuminate this issue in our lives. then eliminate it. Her masterful use of fictional stories that intertwine with real life lead us through a process of discovery that is unique and encouraging. Her white picket fence analogy for boundaries gives women a visual they won’t soon forget.

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Author Samantha Morgan Interview

Author Samantha Morgan

“Today’s interview is with Samantha Morgan, the author of Miraculously My Own set to come out in January 2021, about adopting her son from Russia. And her ministry is offering support for women suffering from infertility and offering hope through adoption. I have plenty of thoughts and questions, but for the sake of time, I’ll try to keep on topic. I’m sure that my foot will end up in my mouth at some point and I do apologize in advance.”

Samantha Morgan’s Website

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