Kristin Beale is a Richmond, Va native. She was in a Jet Ski accident in 2005 that changed her life for the better. She is a 9-time marathon finisher, wheelchair fencer, 3-time published author and illustrator, and mother to her dog, Achilles Jones.

Date Me 

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Date Me is a collection of comics that tells stories of dating in a wheelchair, social situations sculpted by people’s response to a wheelchair, and the struggle of trying to fit in from a different perspective. Dating is hard enough as an able-bodied person. Throw in the variable of a wheelchair and the “hard” becomes “almost not worth it.”

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Kristin Beale shares stories of her crazy family and the unique and often lousy ways people interact with her because of her disability. As well as her often failed attempts at dating in a wheelchair with a strained, but ongoing determination not to give up. Relatable for many people who have dated in the 21st century.

Date Me offers a different perspective from a wheelchair user and how to interact with them. With a few extra indiscriminate stories thrown in, Kristin’s stories keep readers entertained as she reveals the struggles and triumphs of living in a wheelchair in today’s world.

Greater Things 

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Kristin was thrown into a disability at the age of 14, and every day since then has been a struggle to overcome it. She has fought through the unavoidable physical stresses of her condition for over a decade and, even more, the heavy psychological burdens that follow closely behind. 

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Greater Things is a raw perspective on everything from how people react differently to her situation, to learning how to navigate in and through an inaccessible world, to just trying to make the best of a crummy situation.

A Million Suns

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Within A Million Suns, Kristin Beale learns how to move from the darkness of her disability, into the sunlight of her new circumstance.

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Kristin was in an accident in 2005 that left her in a wheelchair. That same accident changed her life – for the better. A Million Suns is the story of her embracing her disability; navigating the world, both socially and logistically; and trying to make the best of a “bad” situation. A Million Suns recounts Kristin’s effort to embrace her difference and discover a happiness she never, ever expected.

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