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Ashlee Record is the Christian Mindset Coach. She specializes in helping ambitious Christian women overcome limiting beliefs so they can use their spiritual gifts to create a lifestyle they love. Having conquered her own self-doubts and seasons that challenged her faith by strengthening her relationship with God, she is committed to helping other women do the same.

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Ashlee Record has hosted empowerment workshops and ministered in churches and at women’s events throughout the Chicagoland area since 2014. She officially started working as a coach in 2018.

In 2020, Ashlee founded Queen Be Empowered, NFP as her coaching community for ambitious Christian women who were ready to use their spiritual gifts to glorify God.

Today, Ashlee’s works include “Finding Purpose-Women’s Devotional & Prayer Journal”, The Purpose Corner Podcast, and a group coaching program.

Finding Purpose: Women’s Devotional & Prayer Journal 

Have ever questioned your faith, your role in life, or wondered how you could possibly move beyond your struggles? This devotional and prayer journal is the perfect tool to have in your personal self-empowerment arsenal.

Finding Purpose: Women’s Devotional and Prayer Journal guides women from despair and uncertainty to confidence, fulfillment, and peace.

Author Ashlee Record has created a four-step method to help women from all walks of life find God’s purpose in seasons of confusion and weariness.

Her step-by-step plan guides readers through five of the most challenging situations that inhibit growth and challenge women’s lives.

This devotional and prayer journal encourages women to break through those emotional barriers and strengthen their relationship with God in the process.

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Inside you’ll discover:

• Scriptures, devotionals, guided prayers, and affirmations to help you find your way when you feel spiritually and emotionally drained

• How to overcome a limiting mindset

• How to face and work through your situation

• How to break free of insecurities and self-doubt

• How to control your responses to life’s highs and lows

• Personal reflections from Ashlee’s faith journey

•  and more!

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