Washed In The Word

Washed in the Word: Bible Study Journal

This Washed in the Word Bible study journal is a keepsake to record your Bible study notes and teachings.

It is an open guide to record your personal quiet time in the Word. The daily journaling pages inside are intentionally laid out into four sections to cultivate your relationship with God as you study the Word.

In the section titled “Scripture”, it is recommended that you write down the Scripture passage that you are studying.

By writing down the verse, it will help commit the verse to memory and establish a stronger connection and understanding.

The “Observation” section is a space where you can write down important aspects of the Scripture that stand out to you and your own thoughts and reflection on the passage.

The “Application” section is for you to identify how you can apply the Scripture to your life.

And finally, the “Prayer” section is a space where you can pray over what the Lord has taught you and give thanks.

I pray this simple and beautifully designed journal enriches your quiet time in the Word!

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