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Are you familiar with the hardships of the dating world? Any specific bad dates come to mind? Can you imagine the interesting experiences of dating while being in a wheel chair? Author Kristin Beale has written a comedic book in comic strip form on this very topic.

After writing two books about a jet ski accident that left her in a wheel chair, Kristin Beale decided to share on the dating world. Kristin took it upon herself to go on 32 dates in 2 and a half months and share her story.

And we are proud to share that Kristin’s story has been turned into a live-action TV series. If shares her life, her family, and her adventure. The show will be available on Amazon Prime in February 2021.

In an interview below, Kristin shares a bit more detail of her book and upcoming TV series.

Kristin Beale’s other books, Greater Things and A Million Suns share the story of finding herself in a wheel chair. A story of the struggles she found herself in and how she overcame them.

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