Janet Fichter writes to inspire readers to rekindle the flame of passion for serving Christ. She has learned firsthand how the goodness of Christ is unveiled through everyday interactions as well as participation in organized ministry.  

Janet is the author of The Ministry of the Unveiled Face (published by Ambassador International).  Her blog contains her favorite non-fiction, short fiction and poetry. Janet also maintains a Facebook page on prayer where one can intercede by reading Janet’s written prayers. Additionally, her writing has appeared in literary journals and anthologies.

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Janet has served the Lord in a variety of organized ministries (Habitat for Humanity, No Limits youth group co-leader, prayer and worship team, Crown of Glory nursing home ministry and The Table ministry – weekly worship and meal for local low-income and homeless).  After a long career in public education as a teacher and instructional coach, she and her husband are now retired. Janet delights in pursuing God’s call to share the truths He has written on her heart.  

The Ministry of the Unveiled Face

Jesus told His followers to go into the world and preach the Good News. However, many Christians aren’t fulfilling this Great Commission. The call to “evangelize” conjures up uncomfortable images of walking inner city streets with a megaphone. We don’t relish facing possible ridicule so prevalent in society today, so we hesitate to reach out.

But we are called to witness. And it isn’t that difficult. When we anchor in the goodness of Christ, we realize that sharing the Gospel is a profound honor.

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The Ministry of the Unveiled Face grounds us in the simplicity of sharing Christ in the everyday. The meekness of the call lies in our being responsive and obedient to God’s prompting as we interact with others. Anchored in persevering prayer, we speak scriptural truths into the lives of others as the Holy Spirit leads. Like the unveiling of a beautiful bride at her wedding, the spiritual veil is removed and Christ’s truth and goodness are revealed.

Princess Tiara And The Crown Of Virtues: A Teenage Fairy Tale Adventure

How does a young princess prove herself worthy to wear a royal crown when she’s more passionate about exploring nature?

Tiara, the youngest princess in the royal family of the Kingdom of Fruitful, is the only child yet to wear a crown. The crowns of her six older siblings sparkle with a special gem they earned by a test of character. Now, as the last royal heir, Tiara must demonstrate a virtue she’d rather not even think about.

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Can Tiara become a princess with purpose? What will her virtue be and what jewel will she earn for her crown? Perhaps a mysterious, old woman wearing a cloak that glows can guide her quest? But will she pay attention to these encounters?

Tiara and the Crown of Virtues is a must read for middle grade students, teachers, and parents. It will stimulate discussion about being a person of virtue.

Order your copy today and follow Princess Tiara’s adventure in a mystical kingdom.

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