John M Piper knew what God’s plan was for his life since he was 5 years old: To work for a mission organization serving people in Africa. He spent his childhood, school and college years working towards that dream. Shortly after that dream became a reality, and the calling started to be fulfilled, John had to leave the mission field in a dramatic and devastating way. 

Have you been wounded in ministry, or hurt in Church? Has your journey with God turned out in a way you did not expect, and left you wondering, “What went wrong?”? Are you looking for ways to Heal and be Restored to the person God wants you to be? Then John M. Piper has a message for you.

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After over a decade of healing from spiritual and emotional wounding, and recovering from a debilitating illness, John M Piper shares his journey of Healing and Restoration with fellow wounded Christians.

Originally written for others who had been wounded while serving in ministry, the message John has to share is bringing Healing and Restoration to those who have been hurt in Church who are not in ministry as well. 

John offers encouragement for those who think they have “failed”, steps to healing, and encouragement for the “what’s next” in the journey that God has for you.

The Wounded Christian: A Love Letter To A Broken Child Of God

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Have you been in ministry and “failed”? Do you feel like you have failed your God, your mission, your family, your friends, and yourself? Then this book is for you!

This book is a letter from a loving God to His hurt child. It is a letter of healing and restoration.

This is not an academic book. It is based on real experience, and offers real steps to healing and restoration.

Some of your beliefs will be challenged. Scriptures and phrases that have been used falsely will be exposed, and that exposure will aid in your healing.

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