Kathy Joy is a graduate of Messiah College in Journalism and Communications. A collector of celebrations, curating pithy delights, her career as a Colorado Christian radio personality ended abruptly when her husband decided to move their family to his family farm in Pennsylvania. 

A brief time later, Kathy Joy became a grieving widow and a single mom of teen girls. By collecting everyday snapshots of life and sharing them with her readers, she began the courageous road to joy, and again thrived. She says, “It brings joy to my heart to collect snapshots of everyday life and give my readers an opportunity to experience simple memories in fresh, new ways. After the death of my husband, I remembered he’d always encouraged me to collect ‘beautiful moments’ and write them down. I believe I’ve done that.”

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Children young and old experience the best and the worst of life. In “WILL YOU HOLD MY STORY?” little Meggi Beth is tired of carrying her heavy story all alone. She sits down to rest and a variety of people come her way, all carrying stories of their own. I’m a lover of dogs, because the good Lord created them to be such good listeners,  In this story, a lovely big dog becomes the great ear for a little girl. This book is dedicated to Salli who encouraged me in my grief to ask others to hold my story.

Breath Of Joy: Singing Spring

In honor of American farmers, and neighborhood gardeners, here is a book where springtime sings.

SINGING SPRING presents a portrait of springtime that trills with reverberating art. Where the third book in the Breath of Joy collection spills over these pages in fun, everyday slice-of-life scenes, your heart will melt. And the heart of one who listens to you reading will follow.

In this modern age, we occasionally need a fresh image of what nurtures us, sometimes a fresh sketch of those who nurture us every day, even inside the halls of day-to-day vocations, and Singing Spring is just such an alternative therapy.

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Calendar events include: Good Friday and Easter. There will be scented garden parties and romance in rites of marriage. Strong and kind mothers will be celebrated and mourned alongside Memorial Day and Father’s Day. Prepare to be inspired. Let this book carry you out of any grief or loss you may be experiencing at the end of winter, to the song of an expectant robin or finch over nested eggs.

Crack open spring. Would you like to see the tips of tenacious crocuses bursting in mystery through encrusted snow or the burgeoning lilac peeping through a winter shawl? these are the reminders that dawn comes earlier and earlier, that worms are fertilizing and tilling our earth, that there will indeed be life from death! For goodness’ sake, inhale the gifts of life, of renewal, and of nurture. Think of these things if your days are difficult, for here’s a supernatural second chance, here’s a Breath of Joy for you!

SINGING SPRING is compiled, as noted in her journal, by a seasoned over-comer and national presenter, Kathy Joy. Her turn of phrases are drawn from inspiration. Truly inspirational.

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1732753660- Paperback
1732753652- Hardcover

Breath Of Joy: Ah, Autumn

In the cycles of the earth, glory rises and falls in the breeze. There is nothing like crisp Autumn air to make you feel alive. The colors of this coffee table book create a novelty tour of fall.

Let all things autumn slip under your skin in the rakishness of falling petals. A harvest time souvenir, Ah, Autumn is a deep breath of colorful joy. Inhale the pages to be filled with happiness and thanksgiving. Everyday life is now a novelty.

Ah, Autumn should be shared at the harvest table and with the best of friends! Exhale brisk, musky memories penned by radio D.J. Kathy Joy, a journalist with two homes: Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Crash into the spritzing leaves of autumn wherever you roam.

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If you are organizing a fall event, plan to place the print version at each place setting for that special October or November gathering. You won’t regret the discussions it generates!

Praise for AH, AUTUMN

“Deserving of Michelin Stars. Perusing the pages, I was in the midst of autumn weather, with all its sensory triggers. The colors of this coffee table book create a novelty tour of fall. Without a doubt, the pictures make this book what it is, and that was my favorite part about this book … just looking at the photographs again and again. This is a simple and beautiful book that would be a great addition during the Fall season.It would be good to have this book on the center table as a conversation starter or just a beautiful, colorful seasonal book that captures the essence of the Autumn season.” – Gisela Dixon, Readers’ Favorite Review

Here, you are offered what everyone is looking for, a moment to experience stillness and joy in the thoughtful reflections.. – Erie Court Reporter

There is nothing like the swell of exuberance in the crisp autumn air, and I could smell the leaves as I turned the pages of this book, literally smell them! – JoAnne Simmons, Enchanted Grounds

The colors of this book create a novelty tour of fall. I’m using it for the office waiting room for this reason. – Dr. Cooper

“You have succeeded, once again, in making a seasonal book that people drop into through a time travel portal no matter what season they happen to be actually living in. Wow!” – A. L. Byk, memoir writer

B07H5THHPY- Kindle Edition
1732445702- Paperback
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Breath Of Joy: Simply Summer

Hold Onto Your Sunhat! Hold onto your sunhat! Dive into the joy of summer with this seasonal children’s picture book. Adults and children alike will love the experience of breathing in joy. So, grab a steamy mug and sit down with this image-driven wonder. First in a series of Kathy Joy books.

Radio personality, Kathy Joy, a favorite D.J. in Colorado, has tickled many ears with her everyday celebrations. Transitioning to the coast of Lake Erie, Kathy Joy’s popular celebrations came to evoke the most enjoyable times on beaches and bicycling through fishing villages or, antique shopping with a freckled-faced sidekick. Leap in, to experience the smells and sounds of summer.

Now a Five-Star Readers’ Review Favorite. SIMPLY SUMMER IS SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!

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Inspire a friend by giving away a copy of Breath of Joy.
Everyone loves to splash in a Breath of Joy!

Grab a steamy mug and sit down with this image-driven wonder. Speak aloud these everyday celebrations as you meditate on the images they evoke. A world of gratitude awaits as you view the interior life of Simply Summer. Now, you too can breathe a courageous breath of joy.

Like Humans of NY, Bridgette Jones’, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, and the wise words of Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down, with a National Geographic style of spread, and Elle magazine.

B075M4JCBT- Kindle Edition
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Breath Of Joy: Winter Whispers

IN THE DEEP MID-WINTER…The final book in the series, Breath of Joy, Winter Whispers speaks of the deep quiet earth movements that echo human proving grounds and transitions during times of rest.

Insightful photo art and prose complement the other. Three celebrations every day rise above the hubbub of commercialism and target the heart of humanity.

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Wintertime includes Advent, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day and Tax Day, and souls steal bases over the bleak and bumpy landscape. The big book layout of WINTER WHISPERS provides page after page of footholds extravagant enough to comfort the bereft and sweet enough to bolster the simple joys during the season when the earth is farthest from the sun. You’ll find interpersonal springboards in these words of wonder. Each exquisite page is accompanied by seasonal photographs.

PRAISE FOR WINTER WHISPERS. “Another fresh Breath of Joy! How I wish there were more stars to give!” – Sandy Nadeau

“A perfect corporate gift for clients. When did thoughts on tax day turn romantic? I don’t know, but this big book now graces my clients’ bookshelves.” – Private Bulk Purchaser

“It’s romantic, mysterious, poetic, and bolstering. When I read this book to my grandkid, I’m reading it for me.” – Granny P.

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Will You Hold My Story?

Sometimes we practice telling our stories to the furry ears and sweet heart of an adoring pet.

It’s a beautiful day in Meggi Beth’s neighborhood, where the eight-year-old girl, carrying a heavy storybook on her back, finds a step on which to rest.

The street carries neighbors to her, all of them lost in their own thoughts. . .Why is everyone so busy?

Get this story – styled in Shel Silverstein’s thoughtfulness. Even Mr. Rogers would be proud.

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A Story about Listening, for children and adults – Sue Summers, Special Librarian

“When a lovely dog approaches little Meggi Beth, we are reminded that a youngster needs a pet and that pets make excellent listening buddies. Offered in honor of dog champions everywhere, the story of Meggi Beth is told with extraordinary artistry and exceptional skill.” – Books For Bonding Hearts

Richly celebrating the trait of perseverance in finding the support of other people, or, of a gentle dog, as the case may be. – Second-grade teacher, T. Palmer, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Kathy Joy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Messiah College (Grantham, Pennsylvania) having majored in Journalism and Communication.

Kathy is an enthusiastic supporter of therapy dogs and dogs-in-general – they are loyal friends and excellent listeners. As the author of four seasonal books, a social media influencer, and inspirational speaker,

Kathy Joy has found her voice in the world of children’s literature. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication and says her favorite semester at College included the study of children’s books.Her career focused on radio journalism and later on government social work for family members with children in the Pennsylvania system of health and welfare. She is the author of four seasonal coffee table poetry books, the series called Breath of Joy.

KATHY says, “by telling our stories, we give others permission to unload their own weights and worries”

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