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Mister B could care less about being politically correct. A middle-aged search for hope and truth leads to God, science, and history. If you need a blueprint of hope for caregiving your aging parents, this is a most enjoyable choice in memoirs!

Mister B.: Living With a 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist

Blessed are the engineers who give us some answers to life’s little perplexities!

This is the #1 Best Selling, Pinnacle Award Recipient. Mister B’s jaunty calculating rhythm offers timely subject matter. Mister B’s prove he could care less about being politically correct.  That’s not Mister B’s style.

With middle-age couched between quirky days and minutes of kindness, MISTER B’s confessions roll from the earliest days of aerospace engineering in Alabama through World War II and the Cold War secrecy. So, how will life unfold when a chauffeur-cook decides to move into the home of this self-centered, 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist… will she really lend aid?

Can these multi-generational housemates discover why they still matter? Find out now, for a celebration of full life.

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“Wow! What an amazing, delightful book!

“A first-class example of a man from the Greatest Generation. We see almost of a century of tremendous mechanical and technological changes through the eyes of – literally – a rocket scientist.”  – Christine

“…Byk fully constructs Mister B from the Rhode Island coastal awe in his voice to his penchant for mustard on a peeled egg. In these small, perfectly executed moments, Byk brings her fascinating family to life for readers with warm and genuinely funny wit…” – KIRKUS 

“A wonderful book, brimming with humor and spirituality. The characters are lovingly drawn and Byk provides her readers with a day-by-day recounting of how her life intersects with the indefatigable Mister B, whose memory seems almost photographic even at the age of 98! The book is enlivened by photographs from early-to-middle twentieth century America. A very worthwhile multi-generational read.” -Jan Kalickion

If you like Jimmy Stewart in No Highway in the Sky, (Nevil Shute) or The Millionaire Next Door, or Hidden Figures, you will love Mister B. – Tim Truong

Mister B springs from earthbound corners in rope-tied-baggy pants, into a self-made man who learns to defy gravity. Born in 1916, Joseph Byk, the Rhode Island son of Polish immigrants, charms the bejeebers out of the Greatest Generation, World War II, and the Cold War. In 2013, an old man’s new companion begins to journal Mister B’s bygone era. His family ideals confront the independence of a younger generation as he reveals a lifetime of secrets.

“Who is helping whom?” is the million-dollar question. This instructive and comedic memoir of story shorts on aging offers historic photographs. It can be found in the grumpy ol’ men’s section at your local bookstore.

Living with a 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist inspires us to learn from history and science and to give a little more to multi-generational relationships.

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