Princess Tiara

Princess Tiara And The Crown Of Virtues

How does a young princess prove herself worthy to wear a royal crown when she’s more passionate about exploring nature?

Tiara, the youngest princess in the royal family of the Kingdom of Fruitful, is the only child yet to wear a crown. The crowns of her six older siblings sparkle with a special gem they earned by a test of character. Now, as the last royal heir, Tiara must demonstrate a virtue she’d rather not even think about.

Can Tiara become a princess with purpose? What will her virtue be and what jewel will she earn for her crown? Perhaps a mysterious, old woman wearing a cloak that glows can guide her quest? But will she pay attention to these encounters?

Tiara and the Crown of Virtues is a must read for middle grade students, teachers, and parents. It will stimulate discussion about being a person of virtue.

Order your copy today and follow Princess Tiara’s adventure in a mystical kingdom.

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