You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. Psalm 139: 2

Sometimes as wives we feel like the household drudge.

And in some societies or dysfunctional families, that is what the wife is. As long as the food is cooked (To perfection, just the right amount of salt and spices please!), the dishes are done, the laundry washed, hung, dried and put away, the in-laws and children cared for, life goes smoothly without tension or abuse. Maybe you rise early, work all day and fall into bed exhausted. No one notices you until you don’t measure up to unattainable standards. Then everyone notices your failings.

Or maybe you have a quiet nature.

If you were to give yourself a name it might be Introvert. You wander through school hallways and classes unnoticed. At home, you don’t seem to get the same attention that your siblings do, or maybe your parents are so busy in their careers or own life that they don’t have time for you. You feel like a nobody.

But, I would like to share with you that you are noticed, very much. There is One who knows when you sit down and when you stand up. He knows your every movement. He knows the number of hairs on your head. No parent or spouse knows that! And even when you are not thinking about God, he is thinking about you. His thoughts are always on you.

If you don’t really think about God, or know him, this might not be significant to you.

You might want someone to come to you in flesh, put their arms around you and tell you how important you are, that they love you, intimately. But before you run away from his love, check him out. He has a father’s kind of love, that takes you in his arms even when you don’t know it. He longs to lead you with bonds of kindness and love, he longs to lift burdens from you and bend down to feed you. He wants to teach you to walk with confidence.

Will you give him a chance to heal you and turn your sorrow into joy?

Shouds Over Eden:

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By Helen Khan

My first published book Shrouds Over Eden is influenced by my experiences living in a South Asian nation for over ten years. My years as a marriage and spiritual counsellor and my education in Sociology and International and Intercultural Education also weave their way into my writings. When I use the word writings, that means that other books are on the way. I try to live a retired life with my husband, 2 dogs, several cats, a peacock and other featured friends, but somehow my life is always busy. My favourite time of the day is doing word games with my husband while sitting on our veranda. You can also follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/allevesdaughters/. My profile is also on Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/user/edit?tab=profile.

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