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The Value Of Being Known by Helen Khan

O LORD, you have searched me, and you know me.” Psalm 139:1

I have been there. There, is the place of feeling valueless and unappreciated. There, is the place of longing for someone I love to understand me, talk to me, love me for who I am. Have you ever been there? Or maybe there, for you, is a deep, dark valley that is impossible to climb. Maybe there is a place of running away from friends to hide your pain and lash yourself as worthless and undeserving.

Maybe how we feel and the opinion we have of ourselves has been shaped by someone in our life who should love us but doesn’t.

For women, it’s important to have those intimate conversations with our husband. We want him to understand us, to meet us emotionally, mentally and spiritually, not just physically. And some husbands fall short of that. Some feel emotionally abandoned, some may even be abused and so having an intimate relationship is non-existent.

Abandoned children will also suffer feelings of worthlessness, loneliness and may even have episodes of depression.

Yet there is One, who has searched us, he knows us.

The term he has searched us, doesn’t mean he has searched for us. No, it goes much deeper than that. He has searched us, our inner most being, our hearts, our minds, the depths of our souls. He knows who we are. He doesn’t know about us, he knows us.

The idea of the Almighty taking time to search me tells me that I am valued, I am wanted by God. He has invested personally in me. I am not just a number to God. He longs to have a personal relationship with me.

He is cognitively aware of me personally. He knows my beliefs, feelings, experiences, pains and sorrows. He understands me very well.

This is an encouragement to me, as I hope it is to you. That the Almighty, the God of the universe, cares enough about us that he would search me out and know me, tells me that my worth is more than what man might say about me. I am precious to God and in him I can find my worth.

That is where you can find your true worth.

Shrouds Over Eden:

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By Helen Khan

My first published book Shrouds Over Eden is influenced by my experiences living in a South Asian nation for over ten years. My years as a marriage and spiritual counsellor and my education in Sociology and International and Intercultural Education also weave their way into my writings. When I use the word writings, that means that other books are on the way. I try to live a retired life with my husband, 2 dogs, several cats, a peacock and other featured friends, but somehow my life is always busy. My favourite time of the day is doing word games with my husband while sitting on our veranda. You can also follow me on Facebook at My profile is also on Goodreads

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