Shelleen Sue Weaver

Shelleen Weaver spent part of her growing up years in a 12’ by 24’ cabin with no electricity and no running water. Her greatest dream was to build the perfect fort in the woods. But bigger dreams came calling.

Shelleen Weaver was first bit by the performance bug the summer of her 16th year. She competed in the Miss Teen of America Scholarship and Recognition Pageant where she pushed through her fear and recited an original poem. Shelleen fell in love with how the power of words can reach past people’s minds into the deep parts of their hearts. And took home the title, Miss Teen of Pennsylvania.

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Years later, the pain of a broken heart drove Shelleen to express her poetry in song on her grandmother’s old broken-keyed piano. And in 2009, she recorded the album, Rough Tracks. The album produced a CRW # 1 one hit song, Enraptured.

Shelleen and her husband have two adult daughters and a young son whom she affectionately calls her caboose. Having spent years sending them off to sleep with original lullabies and bed-time stories, she began to realize the value of sharing them with others, and the Fruit Fables series of books was born.

Shelleen is also a homeschooling mom, women’s ministry speaker and singer who is passionate about seeing others fall deeply in love with Jesus, and her greatest desire is to know Abba with an unwavering child-like heart.

Shelleen, her family, their 105-pound dog, and two special needs cats live in the stunning “Garden Spot of America”, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Fruit Fables: Love Bird

Are you “that mom” who hides pureed kale in your children’s chocolate smoothies? Or if the idea, “Aesop meets Bob and Larry” gives you a thrill, then this series is for you!

Fruit Fables is a collection of nine children’s stories that uses the adventures of talking animals to illustrate the godly character traits that the Apostle Paul talks about in Galatians, known as The Fruit of the Spirit.

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In Love Bird, The Squirrel family faces a dilemma when the new neighbor – a boisterous and snarky mockingbird – moves into their tree. Their warm welcome is met with sarcasm and rude behavior. Before long the whole neighborhood takes offense. What should they do?

The Squirrel family calls an emergency backyard meeting and the neighbors agree to their plan of action. In the end, peace is restored to the backyard, and everyone learns that love is more than just a fuzzy feeling, but sometimes a choice we must will ourselves to carry out.

“Shelleen’s writing is a banquet of spiritual truth in a playfully rich recipe of rhythms and words.
Your child will choose this book from the shelf, climb onto your lap, and snuggle in for times of
captivating tales of truth in action. It’s fruitful, and it’s FUN! Fruit Fables brought smiles to a
grown-up like me and will positively delight the young!”
~Jeff Bender, Sight & Sound Theater Producing Group Writer/Director/Producer

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