Ruth “Reno” Anderson

Ruth “Reno” Anderson is a Canadian author of Bible studies and women’s adventure novels (partly because she has had a few of her own). She’s the wife of a long-distance motorcyclist, aka The Faster Pastor, and the mother of two adult children (and 7 grandkiddos). She has also been a Chaplain, a Photo-journalist, and Advertising Editor, a Realtor, and an International Food Relief Manager – as well as having started a girls’ high school in Malawi. Reno loves to travel, has visited over 40 countries, and lived in the USA, Canada, and Zambia. She is one of Jesus’ Fierce Everyday Warriors. (She also writes under the name of Reno J. Doell.)

FIERCE: The F.E.W. (Fierce Everyday Warriors) A Bible Study For Women

Being a Fierce Everyday Warrior may be something you have never considered …until now. In this six session Bible study, Ruth “Reno” Anderson shows how we are called by God to become FIERCE.

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Fierce in our faith, Fierce in our stand, Fierce in how we respond to God’s call on our life. What happens if you just put your head in the sand? Can’t you just binge on Netflix instead and not pay attention to what might be happening in your world? What are the consequences of no action? What does God say if good women do nothing in the sight of evil, or even in the sight of trends moving away from God?

This study is appropriate any time, but especially now when our world is changing so rapidly. Jobs in jeopardy, a strange new virus killing people all over the world, people and families in self-isolation. As Reno notes, “God can only use those who are willing to stand up for what it right and true. Become one of The F.E.W. The FIERCE EVERYDAY WARRIORS, Living Life to its Fullest, Being Holy as God is Holy, Expanding the boundaries of God’s Kingdom every day.”

Moxie: The Courage to Be a Fierce Everyday Warrior

Moxie – What is it? Do you have it? Are you afraid? Of things happening in our world that the news sensationalizes every night? Of how you are going to navigate the future? Of what your husband is hiding from you on his phone?

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Did you know that MOXIE is the same as Meekness? What does being meek mean? Definitely not being a doormat! A War Horse? Really?Bible teacher, Reno Anderson, explains how MOXIE is you having the courage to be a Fierce Everyday Warrior. By having MOXIE or “mindful courage”, you can live a life free of fear. Enjoy this 6 week study alone or in a group and discover how to live fearlessly.

Caverns Of The Heart

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Jane never thought she would be asked by CSIS to impersonate her unknown twin, let alone while trying to find her missing mother. And where is the Art of the Angels?

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Jane’s journey leads her to London, Portugal and Malawi to find her mother and to find the Art of the Angels, something mentioned in some long forgotten explorer’s journals. However, will Jane beat the Dark Angels to the cave that holds the mysterious drawings? And will she find her mother? Caverns of the Heart brings us a new genre of “the women’s adventure novel” that will take you to interesting places and meet interesting characters.

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