Melinda Priebe

Melinda Priebe is an author and artist who lives in South Bend, Indiana, with her supportive loving husband. Even as a young child Melinda would allow her imagination to soar to the point where she would suddenly have ideas for stories and then sharing them with anyone who would listen.  Then a traumatic brain injury caused her to lose her artistic talent and storytelling ability.

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Melinda Priebe has miraculously regained her art and writing talent. She also has healed from other traumas and has found closure to the death of her 13-year-old daughter. Melinda’s mission is to bring hope to others through her writing and art work and have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Johnny Loves The Library:
Based On A True Story

Johnny loves going to the library with his mommy. He can do so many fun things! But one day, Johnny got lost, and he didn’t know where his mommy was. Thankfully, Mommy had taught him how to find a safe place in an emergency.

This essential book on basic safety needs to be shared with every child. Johnny Loves the Library teaches children what to do when they are separated from a parent or adult. It also helps spark a love of books and interest in libraries and their benefits.

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