What God gives to Nathan Haddock he tries to pass on. He says that he’s no-one special, has no great gifts; but he does believe God uses the little things we offer Him, and he has seen God use his 5 loaves and 2 fish offering over and over again. He doesn’t pretend to speak for God but over the years people have appreciated what he has passed on in his blogs and have been encouraged by it. His hope and prayer is that in his books you will find encouragement, inspiration, and challenge for your Christian journey.

Christian Thoughts for Every Day of the Year

The Christian journey is tough, there is no doubt about it. Each one of us could use a little encouragement and inspiration from time to time. This series of books brings just that. Written over many decades, these inspirational thoughts have already encouraged thousands of people around the world from all walks of life.

If you liked Max Lucado’s “Grace for the Moment”, you will love this book. These are thoughts to meditate upon, mull over and let sink into your heart. You cannot help but be encouraged by them and this is a book you will return to time and time again.

God’s Solution to Worry, Anxiety, and Fear: With Biblical Insight And Practical Help To Bring Us To Peace During Difficult Times

When troubles come, they can be incredibly overwhelming. We can be gripped by panic, fear, and anxiety. However, God has a solution, an antidote if you like. No matter how bleak or frightening things seem, God is still in control, He is still sovereign, not distant but here for us all. He wants you to know His peace, hope, and even His joy during troubled times.

This short book will help you as you discover God’s solution to worry, anxiety, and fear. Containing Biblical principles, prayers to help you get through difficult times, Bible verses to focus and meditate upon, this book is a must for anyone who ever struggles with Worry, Anxiety, or Fear.

As someone who knows what it is like to struggle with anxiety and panic, Nathan has put this excellent book together over years of seeking God’s peace. His prayer is that it will be as useful for you as it has been for him.

Gathered Together Under His Wing: Christian Poems to Draw You into God’s Presence

Nathan’s poetry has inspired and encouraged Christians across the world for decades. His accessible writing style helps people relate and engage as he writes about the things of God. Invaluable in helping you draw nearer to God, this collection will certainly inspire you in your Christian life.

Designed to be used as aids to meditation these poems will draw you to God as you meditate on them and allow His Spirit to guide your thinking. They can also be used as great conversation starters in small groups and really help people to open us and see things from a different perspective.

Come Pray With Me: Modern Christian Prayers to Guide, Encourage, and Inspire

If your prayer life is completely sorted this is not the book for you! If however, you sometimes can’t quite find the right words to say, or find yourself praying for the same sort of things all the time, this book is here to help. This book is full of modern prayers dealing with the reality of everyday life, it will help you…

-Thank God for who He is and what He has done for you
-Seek God for forgiveness, guidance and help
-Praise God
-Draw near to God and hear His voice
-Serve God and do His will
-Call on God in difficult times

By Nathan

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