Mark Agan grew up in Hiram, Georgia, where his dad pastored for many years. He has been in the ministry for nearly forty years and has pastored churches in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina where he currently pastors. He is also the Chaplain with the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in Chatham County, North Carolina. He holds a Doctorate of Theology (Th.D) and has written several books.

Church Discipline: God’s Method For Restoring Broken Fellowship

Church Discipline is a long forgotten teaching that few pastors preach about and even fewer churches practice. Because of the lack of teaching on it, when most people hear the term “Church Discipline” it conjures up images of a bunch of mean vigilantes in the church deciding to kick out another church member because they did something they didn’t like. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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As you will see in this book, Church Discipline is actually a biblical resource Jesus gave the church body in order to know how to deal with problems between believers in a way that would bring restoration and healing.

The Deceptive Side of Suicide

O Lado Enganoso do Suicídio (Portuguese Edition)

Suicide: a topic many people do not want to talk about!

Get help with depression and thoughts of suicide.

For some reason, suicide is still a taboo topic, but depression and thoughts of suicide is something that more people struggle with than you realize. You would be surprised how many people you know who have contemplated and even attempted suicide. If you have a friend or loved one who suffers from depression and thoughts of suicide, this book will teach you “Eight Steps to Defeating Depression.”

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There is also a chapter on suicide prevention, including what to say and what NOT to say to someone you think may be contemplating suicide. PLUS helpful sections on: “Common Myths about Suicide.””Warning Signs of Suicide.””How to Start A Conversation About Suicide.”If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, there is HELP, and HOPE! There is also help for those who are dealing with anger or guilt over a loved one who committed suicide.

God, Why Is This Happening To Me? Making Sense Of Our Suffering

Suffering. Nobody likes it, but everyone faces it at one time or another in life. And what really bothers us is why some seem to suffer more than others. The seeming unfairness of it all can perplex even the strongest of Christians. Atheists love to bring up the issue of evil and suffering in the world as proof that there must not be a God. After all, how could a loving God allow so much suffering and evil to exist? Why doesn’t He do something about it?

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In this book, you will learn where suffering comes from, why God allows it, and how God uses it in our lives to help us become more like Him.

A Home Built God’s Way

Have you ever watched one of those extreme home makeover shows you see on TV where they totally remodel or rebuild someone’s house? Their goal is to build a house exactly the way the owners want it. While they might be able to build someone a HOUSE, they cannot build someone a HOME. Since God instituted the home, only He can define what a true home really is.

In this book, pastor Mark Agan shows what the Bible says about how to have A HOME BUILT GOD’S WAY.

How To Make Your Prayer Time Fresh & Exciting

One of the hardest things for any Christian to do is to maintain a consistent, daily prayer time. And when you do take time to pray, it can be difficult knowing how to pray in an effective way.

Have you ever read about the great prayer warriors who prayed for hours at a time? How did they do it?

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In this book, Pastor Mark Agan will show you the secret to having a successful prayer time. You will also learn some great tips and ideas he has gleaned from other preachers—including an actual prayer guide that you can immediately begin to use that will transform your prayer time into something fresh and exciting!

Keeping It All Together When It’s All Falling Apart

When you were a child, life was much simpler. Other than school work and a few chores around the house, it was pretty much a carefree life, yet you still couldn’t wait to become an adult. Then adulthood came, and with it came hard work and a lot of stress! That once simple life quickly became complicated. The life we once had control of is now falling apart.

In “Keeping It All Together When It’s All Falling Apart,” you will see what the Bible says about how to regain control of a life that has gone out of control!

Morning Meditation: 365 Daily Devotionals

One of the things many Christians struggle with is having a daily devotional time. Well, Pastor Mark Agan has made it simple for you. This is a compilation of 365 daily devotions that you can enjoy all year long! Each day there is a new Bible verse along with a challenging thought that will encourage and strengthen you in your daily walk with God!

Morning Meditation (Vol. 2): 365 Daily Devotionals

One of the things many Christians struggle with is having a daily devotional time. Well, Pastor Mark Agan has made it simple for you. This is a collection of 365 daily devotions that you can enjoy all year long! Each day there is a new Bible verse along with a challenging thought that will encourage and strengthen you in your daily walk with God!

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Each day’s devotional will give you a challenge from God’s Word. But more than that, each day you will find encouragement with unique devotionals such as: 

  • “When God Knocks You In The Noggin'”
  • “A Weekend In Hell”
  • “A U-F-O On The Way To Work”
  • “The Mysterious Missing Woman”
  • “6 Ways To Discern God’s Will.”

It also includes practical devotionals such as: 

  • “How To Stay Calm In A Crisis”,
  • “4 Ways To Overcome A Vengeful Spirit”.
  • “What To Do When You S-P-O-T Fear”,
  • “6 Prayers God Always Answers”,
  • and many more! 

This book has a devotional that covers just about every topic.

The Power Of Meditating On Scripture

Most everyone would agree that prayer is one of the most powerful weapons we have at our disposal as a Christian. But there is ANOTHER weapon we have that largely goes unnoticed. It is something that is extremely valuable and powerful, yet you rarely hear it mentioned. What is this powerful weapon? It is meditating on the Word of God!

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In “The Power of Meditating on Scripture,” you will learn what biblical meditation is as well as some of the wonderful things God promises to those who will meditate on His Word day and night. You will also learn some practical tips on how to be successful as you begin, including 52 weeks worth of Bible verses listed by topic to help you get started!

Restoration: There’s Life After The Locust

Through the wear and tear of daily life, we often find that we must repair or restore things back to their original state. Likewise, we will find that there will be times in which we need to be spiritually restored and renewed to get back to where we once were with God.

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In RESTORATION: There’s Life After the Locust, Dr. Mark Agan shows that it is possible to be restored once again through repentance. He gives 9 practical, positive steps you can take toward restoring your fellowship with God and begin experiencing the joy of the Lord in your life again. PLUS he shares the one key to restoring others.

What Are You Thinking? Winning The Battle With Your Mind

The greatest battle we face is often fought between our ears. While some say you are what you eat, the Bible says you are what you think. Your thought life is powerful; it can either make you or break you spiritually. If Satan can control what you think, he can control what you do.

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In What Are You Thinking?, Dr. Mark Agan shows you how to protect yourself from the mental attacks you will face from Satan. What Are You Thinking? takes a look at what the mind is, and exposes the weapons Satan will try use against it. Most importantly, he gives you 7 specific principles to use that will help you win the battle of your mind.

The 5 Most Disturbing Things About Hell

Is there such a thing as a literal burning Hell or is it, as some people believe, just suffering we experience here on earth? If there is a Hell, what will it be like and who will go there? Why is Hell necessary? Will everyone suffer the same punishment in Hell? Dr. Mark Agan answers these questions and more as he reveals the five most disturbing things the Bible teaches about Hell.

911… What Is Your Emergency?

Law enforcement officers, fire-fighters, and EMTs constantly deal with emergencies. Heart attacks, assaults, stabbings, and shootings are something they encounter on a daily basis. But the greatest emergency is one we ALL face. It is not a physical emergency, it is spiritual one. Satan is launching a spiritual assault against you, your family, and your marriage. But there is hope!

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In this book, Pastor Mark Agan unmasks public enemy #1: Satan. And he reveals how you can defend yourself against the four weapons Satan will use against you so that you can win the victory.

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