Tony Green, author of Triumphant Surrender, grew up in humble beginnings. He achieved a long career of worldly success, fell far off his high horse down to street rags, and has been rescued to a life of kingdom riches.

In full transparency, Tony fearlessly tells on himself and in doing so demonstrates real accounts of God’s grace and mercy.

Tony Green’s speaking and writing credentials do not come from any formalized theological training. However, his story reflects a life that has experienced the battle of good versus evil firsthand.

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Not called to live a comfortable life, Tony’s dramatic seasons in the Refiner’s fire inspire his speaking and his writing. He yearns for God-through-him to make an impact on eternity.

Tony Green grew up in a small town in Arkansas, graduated high school and college in Texas, and worked in corporate America for thirty-one years. He was a Vice President of Sales for Coca-Cola for over a decade. In those years, he out-earned 99.6 percent of the world’s population. But also lived classified as “homeless” for seven years, finally hitting the rock bottom of sleeping on inner-city sidewalks.

Through it all, God lived up to His promise, never revoking Tony’s spiritual gifts or his kingdom calling. Awakened to triumphant life in Christ, Tony recently broke a promise to himself and wrote and published Triumphant Surrender.

His closest covenant friends refer to him in these ways: “A magnetic personality, a gifted mind, a gifted writer and speaker, extremely passionate, a resilient overcomer, an incredible communicator and motivator, a gifted visionary, compelling, inspiring, faith-filled, genuine, vulnerable, transparent, and believable.” Yet life’s challenges have also given him a deep self-awareness of his own shortcomings.

Tony has three life goals:

  • First, to increasingly grow in his intimate relationship with God.
  • Second, to be a loving dad that Chris and Carleigh will be increasingly grateful for and brag about.
  • Third, to allow the love of God-through-him to serve humankind.

Tony resides wherever God plants him, even if that is at the ends of the earth.

Triumphant Surrender

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Search the internet! The words triumphant and surrender are not typically found together. After all, winners triumph, and losers surrender, right? In the world’s eyes, that is certainly right. Yet from a kingdom perspective, triumphant and surrender are a perfect match. The pivotal point of surrender to God’s plan for our lives occurs when we admit that our ways and thoughts are undeniably subordinate to God’s ways and thoughts. Once that happens, God uses the gospel of Jesus Christ, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, and the profound truths of the Bible to orchestrate a magnificent triumph in us and through us.

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This is a story of the dramatic events in one man’s life. These pages reveal what can happen when we walk in harmony with God versus the startling contrasts of what can happen when we thumb our nose at God. Can any of us imagine what might have happened in the Garden of Gethsemane had Jesus said, “Not thy will, Father, but mine be done!” Hell would have cackled with glee for far longer than just three days. In a lonely hotel room one night in Hamburg, Germany, as anger against God heightened, this Spirit-fueled discourse was born, destined to help the hurting, offer clarity to the confused, and spark hope in the hopeless.

What do you believe? Is triumphant living about trying harder, or might it be about believing bigger and surrendering deeper? What do you think God’s will for your life is? Do you know what His call upon your life is? Have you consistently succeeded in filling the God-shaped hole in your heart? Does your identity bring you peace and joy, pride and accomplishment, or shame and defeat? Would you like your life to be transformed like a butterfly in a cocoon? Do you believe living triumphantly in Christ can be your reality?

This memoir of one man’s testimony, interwoven with hundreds of scriptures, is written in easy-to-understand prose that sheds light on each one of these profound questions. May these pages forever alter the course of your life and lead you to your own Triumphant Surrender.

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