Lewis Erickson is an author, speaker, and coach who shares Jesus. A former finance executive and Vineyard Leadership Institute graduate, he serves as a board member of two local ministries that help the homeless and exploited/ abused women.

Lewis Erickson and his wife, Nancy, live in Kansas.

God The Father Revealed:
Knowing and Understanding Him Changes Everything

The God of the Bible’s Old Testament can seem downright scary and hard to please. Our misconceptions of Him can discourage us from ever wanting to know Him. In God the Father Revealed, author Lewis Erickson assists you in easy-to-understand language through the first book of the Bible, Genesis, showing you wonderful personality traits of God the Father that are often overlooked. As these traits are revealed and you begin to understand God’s side of the Genesis stories, you will be drawn to Him and changed. These traits are further developed and reinforced through humorous and inspiring personal stories from the author’s life.

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