The First Palm Sunday

In Daniel 9: 24-27, especially verses 24 and 25, the Bible tells us when Jerusalem would be rebuilt. And when the Messiah would come to it. 
  • The decree to rebuild Jerusalem was issued on March 5, 444 B.C.
  • That work was completed in 49 years (7 times 7-year periods).
  • The “Anointed One” (Messiah) would come 434 years after this (62 times 7-year periods).
  • The Messiah would be killed, appearing to have accomplished nothing.

I wish I had space to put all of this in my book, “God the Father Revealed: Understanding and Knowing Him Changes Everything.”  Since I didn’t, I thought I would share some of this today, Palm Sunday.  As detailed in Josh McDowell’s book, “Evidence That Demands A Verdict Revised Edition”, [which is my endnote 7, chapter 22]:  

  • 483 years times 360 days per year in the Jewish prophetic calendar is 173,880 days.
  • 173,880 days divided by 365.24219879 solar days per year is 476.067663 solar years, or 476 years, 25 days.
  • 476 years, 25 days from March 4, 444 B.C. is MARCH 30, 33 A.D, the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the day we celebrate as the first PALM SUNDAY. (Mathew 21:1-9, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:29-38, John 12:12-15

Yes, the Bible’s Old Testament Book of Daniel.

It is read by Jews, Muslims and Christians, and it told us when the Messiah would come. He has already come, and died, appearing to accomplish nothing. But in dying, He took our place in punishment, allowing our sins to be punished in the eyes of a just God. And with justice satisfied, those sins would no longer separate us from God! With our sins out of the way, we can now be united with God if we believe what Jesus has done and follow Him.

Jesus also said He would come again, to reward those who believed in Him and served Him, and to bring justice to those who did not believe in Him.  Have you believed and accepted what the Messiah did for you? Photo courtesy of at

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