Lanna Webb lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with her husband of 27 years. She is the mother of two amazing children whom she adores. Along with being a reader from way back, she is an experienced educator and an avid fan of family dinners.

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Stories have always floated around in her head; began writing them down out of self defense.

One day, Lanna Webb looked at her computer and realized she had a novel. The words haven’t left her alone since.

Lanna Webb


Books Include:

Lonesome Wolf

A woman on her own in Texas struggles to overcome hardships. 

A man alone on the rugged frontier works to overcome prejudice. 

Through frontier hospitality, faith in God, and shared trouble, they forge an untraditional and potentially dangerous friendship – a friendship they strive to keep from becoming a relationship, each locking deeper feelings inside for the sake of the other. 

But it seems as if God has other plans, and it isn’t long before they realize they have a decision to make: they can choose to work together and face their problems as partners, or they can insist on remaining apart and fight their battles alone.

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Their story is a heartwarming tale about how God’s laws and love supersede man’s, how man’s obstacles are God’s opportunities, and how doubts in oneself become faith in Him.

By Michael Furlonger

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