John Comes To Camp

John Comes To Camp is a devotional for summer camp staff to use during their summer ministry at camp. It is a study of 1st John, relating to life at camp and also to verses from the gospel of John. This devotional will help camp staff members grow in their relationship with Christ throughout the summer and to be better prepared to minister to campers and fellow staff members.

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John Comes to Camp can be used by individual camp staff members or by groups. Each day’s reading contains discussion questions which may be used in small groups or in staff meetings. Individuals might want to journal their thoughts about the questions and Bible passages as well.

Each devotional reading contains a story or situation that staff members will relate to – often relating to how they can help their campers spiritually.

47 Tips You Can Use
To Get A Job Promotion

Hoping for a job promotion? Want to get noticed as an above average employee? Want higher pay for your job skills? Hope to move up the career ladder?

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These 47 Tips will help you to get ahead at work. If you implement them, you will stand out on your job and will get noticed when it is time for job promotions. These keys to success on your job are simple steps you can take to earn promotions at work.

The Valentine Friendship Gift Book:
Send It to a Friend (Better Than a Card Book 1)

An ebook to send to a friend for Valentines Day. Show how much you appreciate his or her friendship. Contains humorous and entertaining animal photos with sayings that express how much you appreciate your special friend.

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Sending The Valentine Friendship Gift Book to a friend is better than sending a card. And less expensive too! Your friend will get a chuckle out of the animal pictures while being reminded of how much you both care and share together. It’s a short read that says a lot, straight from the heart. And don’t be surprised if your friend gifts a copy back to you!

When I Think Of Christmas, I Think Of

Children’s Christmas picture book. A boy struggles with a question about celebrating Christmas. Nana challenges him to let God show him how He can be found in all of the Christmas fun. He finds messages from God even in candy canes, Christmas trees, candles, elves, and more!

Silly Old Book Of Walrus Fun

The Silly Old Book of Walrus Fun is sure to be a hit with kids. It contains walrus picture riddles, walrus jokes, and silly walrus poems. The main feature of the book is the story, “A Fellow to Bellow,” about a young walrus who did not want to bellow and was bored with life on the ice floes.

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The book has many photos of walruses which grab attention and hold the interest of children reading it.

At the back of the book is a link to access two free bonuses:

1. The Arctic Animals Word Search

2. Endangered Species Coloring Book

This book makes a great gift for kids who love animals, jokes, and riddles. The story teaches a lesson about life in an entertaining way.

Silly Old Book of Dog Picture Riddles

Dog riddles for kids with cute dog pictures on each page. Kids will love the pictures even more than the riddles! What do a wet dog and perfume have in common? What did the Dalmatian say after her owner fed her? What kind of dog laughs all the time?

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The pictures and answers will give kids (and maybe their parents) the giggles or groans.

At the back of the book is a link to access a free bonus: “Helping Your Child Become A Reader.”

How To Make Money As a Secret Shopper: Busting the Myths About Mystery Shopping

Get the inside scoop on secret shopping (otherwise known as mystery shopping). Learn how to get started getting paid to shop. Discover how to detect mystery shopping scams. This book of inside information from a real secret shopper will help you know how to find undercover shopping jobs easily, do them correctly, and keep records. Learn the truth about this way to make money from home.

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 Can I Really Be Paid for Shopping?
Chapter 2 Is Mystery Shopping Legitimate?
Chapter 3 How Can I Become A Secret Shopper?
Chapter 4 What Does a Secret Shopper Do?
Chapter 5 Who Can Be A Mystery Shopper?
Chapter 6 Is This A Business or a Hobby?
Chapter 7 Are There Tax Deductions?
Chapter 8 What Are the Standards for Shopping Jobs?
Chapter 9 How Do I Find Secret Shopping Jobs?
Chapter 10 What About Mystery Shopper Scams?

This book by Karen S. Roberts contains expanded information from her website: In the book she takes information that can be found on the website (plus more) and organizes it into easy to follow instructions that will help you understand the mystery shopping industry and know what is expected by companies that pay those who go out on undercover shops. You will learn what to observe and how to prepare to gather all of the assigned information.

By reading this book you will find out if you are qualified to be a mystery shopper and how to build a good reputation with the companies you work for so that you will receive offers of more shopping jobs. This is perfect for those who want to work from home and not be locked into a regular work schedule.

Food and Exercise Notebook for Weight Loss Tracking: Record What You Eat and How Much You Exercise

The Food and Exercise Notebook for Weight Loss Tracking is a day by day food and exercise journal that can be used along with any weight loss plan.By recording your daily foods and amounts, exercise, and weight, you can analyze what is working and what is not. By seeing the results of your weight loss journey, you will be inspired to continue and to develop healthy habits for both weight loss and weight maintenance.

School Assignments Notebook for the Christian Student: Keep track of assignments, tests, and projects

Never forget a school assignment again! Write them all down in this assignment notebook. This is an 8 1/2″ X 11″ assignment book for Christian kids. Enough space for 40 weeks of school! This notebook contains a place to list all your daily assignments, along with project due dates and upcoming tests and quizzes. Also each week has a section for reminder notes that help you remember the details of your assignments. In addition, each week has space for you to write a Bible verse to inspire you throughout the week. If you’re learning verses for church or school, you can copy the verses you’re learning in the verse sections.

School Assignment Book: List Assignments, Exams, Projects, and Accomplishments

Keep track of everything you need to be a successful student! By keeping all assignments, projects, and upcoming exams listed, you’ll never forget a deadline. This undated student assignment book provides sections for listing daily assignments, as well as long term ones each week. Also students can make use of the sections to record things to do, upcoming quizzes and tests, and accomplishments. Each week there is also a section to record notes as well. This is the perfect book to keep your school classes and subjects organized. Its compact size, 6″X9″ makes it convenient to carry.

Simply Homeschool Planner: Simple Monthly/Weekly Planner

Organizing makes home schooling much easier! This is a handy 8 1/2″ by 11″ monthly/weekly planner for home schooling parents to use for planning and organizing their teaching activities, field trips, homeschool group classes, and other activities. The calendars are not dated, allowing for flexible use, as dates can be entered for the months and weeks as they are used. The weekly calendars are broken down into days, so assignments or brief lesson plans can be written in.

My Sermon Notes

“My Sermon Notes” – The perfect notebook for taking notes at church, Bible studies, retreats, and conferences. 104 pages. Take sermon notes all in one notebook so that you can find your notes when you need them. Spaces are provided to record the date, place, and speaker so that it will be easy to come back to your notes and find what you’re looking for. This can also be used as a sermon notes journal in which you enter your thoughts about how God spoke to you through the message that you heard. This is the perfect gift for folks who love to take notes at church.

Sermon Notes

“Sermon Notes” – A notebook for taking notes at church, Bible studies, retreats, and conferences. Each page has a space for entering the date, place, and speaker, as well as Bible references and notes. 104 pages. Each entry has a place for you to note the speaker, place, date, and Bible references. This will make it easy for you to find the notes you are looking for when you need them. You can also use this as a Sermon Notes Journal, noting how the Lord spoke to you through the messages that were shared.

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