Author Annette Haggett offers words of encouragement as she shares details of her book Melodies of the Heart!

Know Your Worth

When my book reaches to whom it needs, I would have helped millions of people come out of their shell. I would have helped millions of people know their worth and to run after their dreams even if it scares them because that’s the only way that they will surface and grow. If they give themselves a chance.

Believe in yourself. There is something special in each one of us that no one else can do or even take. We owe it to ourselves to not let our gifts and talents go to waste, our creation, and our work just sit there untouched!

A lot of people have this misconception that their pain is embarrassing and that they aren’t capable of helping others because they are that low or too far down but that is far from the truth. The pain you went through and overcame is where the blessing is. Its where the overflow can happen. Its were the Lord can step in and His strength is made strong in our weakness.

I know, because I’d like to say I was there in that place a time or two. I know how it is to feel like a low class citizen or not good enough.

So I know that when this book gets to whom it needs to reach..their hearts too, will overflow with new life and a new sense of belonging. That they can embark on a journey of growing from despair and imprisonment to feeling free at last and walk in the knowing, that they too can climb that mountain that seems to high. Did you know that the Lord can bring mountains low? And valleys high?

Did you know that mountains melt like wax before Him and we can cast our cares upon Him because He cares for us?

What seems big to us is small to God.

Everything He says is for our good. Like a parent to a child. He is gentle, He is true, and loving. Yes, He may get upset but His anger won’t last always. Just like we as parents, we may get upset at our children for disobedience or rebellion but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them still no matter what.

That’s God too. He is our Father whether we choose to believe Him or accept Him or not. He doesn’t change. His love for us remains. He loves us, He adores us, and just like us parents He wills the best for us
If we give Him our hearts He can help mold us, change us, improve us, strengthen us, cleanse us, make us whole, and create in us a clean heart and renew the RIGHT spirit within us.

He can replace the shattered and torn heart, the unsure and broken heart and fill it brand new with His love and help us gain and to view ourselves how He sees us and how He created us.

That we can experience life to its fullness, and be able to love and be loved properly and gain a deep understanding and a belonging, an offer to good not to take hold of.

When we step out of that boat and keep stepping one foot in front of the other towards our goals, we can accomplish anything.

See life here on earth has its way of taking its toll on us and rips us to shreds like sheep to the slaughter but there is One person that walks with us that we can rely on, that we can confide in and trust when we trust Him with all that we have and with our whole heart.

What Do We Have To Loose?

My book, Melodies of the Heart, poetically speaks to the heart- from the heart. Recording down times’ struggles and implementing the comeback with strong victories!

If you are looking for encouragement, spiritual and/or personal growth then this book is a must have for you!

Shaking off all those self-doubts, all the naysayers, the doubters and embrace the new you that’s been longing to rise up! You’ll be able to gain back everything and accelerate to even more strength than you even knew you had!

Time to shake off all those years that have kept you down- brush yourself off, get on your feet like the champion that you are and enjoy the adventurous journey to finding yourself and your sense of belonging. Believe me when I say this. I have to let you know that you are not alone and that you can win! In fact, you already have won!

I’m sure, like me, that you’ve been in a place so low that you’ve said at least once in your life, ” What can make me lower than I am right now?, what can I possibly do to make my life even lower? ” You are right. There is Nothing. You can only at this point- go higher, and there is no need to be afraid!

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