Annette Haggett

Annette Haggett is a prophetic writer who enjoys writing from her heart in descriptive detail. She decided to capture all these visuals and share them with others. Her writing is in an incredible, dynamic book, Melodies of the Heart.

She was born in a small town in Upstate New York where she often enjoyed the outdoors in extreme adventures and sometimes getting lost in the field across from her home with her childhood cat. Along with her love for nature, she also enjoyed drawing, writing, and painting. She loved creating. She also starred in her church youth group plays on stage which would later become a huge part of her passion in life.

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As Annette grew older, she was either acting or teaching in her makeshift classroom. She also enjoyed writing stories, or capturing her visuals in a drawing. Able of filling a whole notebook with a story in one day just writing down the visuals that would play like a movie in her head.

Annette Haggett is naturally the type that if the crowd were to be turning left she would turn right on purpose. A good part of her life she tried to fit in but never found peace with that until she realized the significance. Her indifference was a brilliant plan right from the start.

She was familiar with the word of God from attending church as a child growing up. But she never truly experienced the deep revelation of His word.

One summer, in particular, she had the urge to just read the Bible from beginning to end under her favorite tree. After some months of reading, suddenly something just sparked within her. All of her talents and gifts that she had as a child enhanced immensely.

She also is co-founder of Word to Life Ministries, where she also co-stars alongside her husband on their Youtube channel. Where she infiltrates all her life experiences with the Word of God in the pursuance of her being a blessing to others.

Her deep desire to project a teachable light onto the course of understanding and obtaining perspective of their own life’s purpose and gain momentum in embracing their own unique God given abilities!

That of course, can trickle further and burst forth like rushing water in a chain reaction!

Melodies of the Heart: Soft Eyes in the Garden

Let your imagination soar and your spirit explore with this book filled with intellectual melodies from the heart. Let the descriptive writings within create scenes in your mind as each individual poem sparks, in detail, circumstances from your own life and how it can relate to you personally, creating an atmosphere full of delight while openly and innovatively taking you where you need to go.

He that believeth in me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (John 7:38)

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